Mogilev donors merged

Now managing a non-governmental funder Igor Kovalenko received a certificate of registration and approved fatigued.

Our organization has emerged as a result of protest against the abolition of donor benefits

After receiving the documents, Igor Kovalenko said "Freedom":

"Our organization has emerged as a result of protest against the donor cancellation of privileges. Cancellation of privileges undermined public confidence in the donation. Many donors withdrew from active donation. In society, it is not promoted at all. Bureaucrats are shying away from donor promotion, although it is their duty. Midst of donor officials virtually none. Because we have to make efforts to ensure that assure society of the importance of blood donation, on which depend the lives of people. We know that this work is languid, but we’ll do it, "- said Igor Kovalenko.
According to Kovalenko, donors are often victims of incorrect diagnoses. Forbid them to donate blood after discovering the error, but donor Rights of Persons not reduced. Device solutions such problems in Belarus. These donors need rehabilitation.
In June last year Mogilev donor group conducts a week warning strike against cancellation of privileges. Donors managed to save forty percent increase to their pensions, the ability to take a vacation at least some comfortable time. In addition, Mogilev donors only defended free travel in public transport within the town.
But still deprived donors 2-compensation principle: fifty percent discount on the purchase of drugs and free medical prosthetics.
Mogilevsky blood transfusion station has registered about 5 thousand donors.
With 2004 their number of times per year is reduced by 8 percent.

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