Mogilev Negatin Sergei and Nikolai Shilin at large

In plot number 8 Leninsky police department explained to activists, they were detained for attempting to escape Tipo place with the alleged offense.
In a telephone conversation Sergei Negatin said "Freedom" that police questioned him and Nicholas Shylinava and found no offense in their actions.
"The police admitted that we hung out printed material in a permitted location on the billboard. The department we have, but, seized 30 invitations to a meeting with Alexander Milinkevich and 20 electoral politics with posters 2006 "Said Sergei Negatin.
Sergei Negatin th Nicholas Shylinava detained yesterday at about 22 hours. Activists have posted ads on the billboard market Dubravenkavskaga invitation to tomorrow’s meeting with Alexander Milinkevich and electoral politics with posters 2006.

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