Mogilev: NIGHT MODE BPF activist detained at large

Activist detained yesterday about 23 hours a police outfit. The reason for the arrest was improper conduct Negatin Tipo. According to the protocol of detention, he was intoxicated and cursing obscenities.
By Sergei Negatin, He was detained at the entrance of his house:
"Police uttered that I need to deliver to the police station for identification. I refused to obey, because if I had a passport, and I showed the policemen. Then I just dragged into an official car. The police were that I was intoxicated and cursing obscenities . Examination police did not spend, "said" Freedom "Sergey Negatin.
By him, police without a protocol withdrawal took a few 10’s of copies of the newspaper "Mogilev time." page of the newspaper devoted to the dilemmas of "Khrushchev" in Mogilev.
Now in Lenin trial Sergei took Negatin tribunal. The tribunal were not police officers who detained him. Duty referee Rubis Tatiana decided to defer consideration of the case until March 27. Sergei Negatin released in the courtroom.
Also Bobruisk now were detained activists who went to the old roads on the unveiling of the monument to the founders of the BNR. Personal car, which went six activists suspended employees of traffic police on the outskirts of Bobruisk.
According to one of the detainees Ira Mitsuru, policemen in the car have seen a pile of newspapers "Novy Chas" and ordered the driver to drive to the police department.
Six activists stayed in the police almost two hours. For this time police every detainee held preventive conversations and made a seizure of one a thousand copies of the newspaper "Novy Chas".
According to Ira Mitsury, police confiscated newspapers for lack of marks on the cost of implementation.
"The department uttered that will understand and be informed about the checks," said "Freedom" Ira Mitsura. Tags: BPF, detention, Mogilev, Babruysk, Negatin, Mitsuru

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