Mogilev: Tribunal rejects appeal of trade unionists

On board activists dubbed the Leninsky district court ruling unfounded.
"Own sentence referee Valentin Lopatin made under the law" On mass events Republic of Belarus "But ignored the civilians Code rules governing communication between people with bureaucrats. Evaded the Tribunal to give a legal assessment of the actions of the executive committee of the control cases, which exceeded job opportunities and broken the Law" On mass events Republic of Belarus"- Justified activists before the panel of arbitrators of the regional court.
The College did not take notes and activists left the Leninsky district court verdict in force.
August 24 the head of the executive committee Affairs Igor Avseenko rebuked picket for Alyaksandr Kazulina.Svae bureaucrat decision motivated by the fact that protests against detention facility — a method of pressure on the judicial authorities.
October 31 Mogilev Regional Executive Committee recognized that, in considering an application for picketing violations of law on mass events. Executive Committee ordered the city council to consider a perfectly appeals people.
December 27 Leninsky Tribunal dismissed the complaint of activists on the ground that they had violated a month appeal of the decision City Council in court.
In the photo: Yuri Novikov (left) and Sergei Fomin after the trial.

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