Moral person should feel free to

"Our listeners rather sharply reacted to your words that you are able to find mutual understanding even with the man who feeds on the relationship with the current authorities …"
Sitnitsa: "La Gioconda" is also made to order Florentine merchant. Do not forget … Another thing: it made brilliant! He did an excellent image pakarmivshysya of hands …
Another thing is that the painter should not lose moral framework — you never know what the current "art" guessed? If, for example, works of art drawn ekskrementami and what passes for contemporary art. "
Ulitenok: "But modern performances of this kind in Belarus, too!"
Sitnitsa: "There. From time to time it’s the thought that destroys the sake of creation. Here one. Crumble But when secular moral values — what art I simply do not accept. Whatever form it was not.
And in classical art can be found immoral nemastatskiya things and contemporary — a lot of positive, and a lot of negative. Because you need to keep accurate and relatively moral framework to assess them made. "
Ulitenok: "Times are changing, but as for advice there is a problem: morality and conformity …"
Sitnitsa: "Conformity has any guise. Even during this period of time that we do not believe or conditionally free, also were conformists, which then turned into" conformists opposite. "Can I name names …"
Ulitenok: "Well, well, very curious!"
Sitnitsa: "Changed my mind, I will not name, but they are for the last 20 years have changed a couple of times on his own and artistic, and moral principles civilians.
But, sorry for tavtalegiyu in principle art — an area of freedom. And if the painter can feel free in all criteria in all criteria — means he is able to really do something worthwhile. Art. And when a person looks around and everyone is afraid of its own steps, it means there is something wrong with a conscience, morality.
Moral person should feel free man. After him really moral framework. Which holds and life. "

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