N. Khalezin: We confuse the 1st person with all the people

Sunday sound transmission to the monarch ordered Khalezin theme: "What the community thinks about the ability of Belarusian emigration."

Now Nikolai Khalezin summarizes the results of the week.
— Approached the end of the week, and hunt to remember what did it happen?
But I still do not know exactly what happened? Since not happen again crossroads things: once again did not match important social routes — people go to One way, and power in the other …
For example, the government assures us that there is no crisis. And people say something else: it is not just knocking on the window, and has already entered into our homes! ..
Or listen to that Belarus currently welcomes Europeans who move and move us. However, as I see it — as long as only the UK football team. Besides it is necessary to clarify: we can not answer these athletes to the most common question — what a glorious our country? Why the British somewhere in the "European" capital to go, not counting as the stadium where their team won? ..
Naturally, we still perceive something …
But much fundamentally, understanding that it does not go on newspaper pages.
This is not on television.
As a result, we again confuse power with the state.
We again confuse some 1 person with all the people.
Here are people and lives on his side, and the power — on its own.
And while our routes will not intersect once a day, we did not comprehend that what’s happening in our own country.

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