N. Masherova: No Mercy — the greatest sin

Vice-chairman parliamentary commission on international affairs Rep. Anatoly Krasutski sincerely believe nedavneshnim statements Alexander Lukashenko, Alexander Kozulin, allegedly refused the offer to take away his wife for healing abroad:
"As a human being I can only pity that it happened. Maybe some options for her healing would be when it was promoting on his part. Possibility same treatment was over. If he was closer, something can and spread active. incomprehensible to me his motives in this situation. With all the knowledge this man, for me it was more important to the life of a loved one, not politics. I, on the As the last, This step is not approved of him. I think that to some extent there is a certain fraction of his guilt in this. "
But Deputy Chairman of the Health, Family and Youth Affairs of the House of Representatives Nikolai Dubovik politely declined to comment:
"I do not know what to say to you … You know, I can not answer for you. I apologize. Hello, I’m sorry, turn off the recorder. I’m sorry …"
Member of the House of Representatives last convocation Natalia Masherova about the actions of the Belarusian authorities in the family

Lack of charity — it is the greatest sin

Kazulins expressed subsequent manner:
"It zvyshamaralna and even creepy. This is such a degree of immorality when it becomes really creepy. Terribly in some bolshennom, of cosmic scale. Lack of charity — it is the greatest sin, and this is what will be punished above, regardless of our will."

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