N.Stuzhynskaya: Go out and write a book

Correspondent: How will you celebrate the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic?
Stuzhinskaya: In 1-x, I, as a public man, go out with his supporters on the street. In-2, I give vast promise that by the end this year finished writing the latest version of the book "Belarus rebellious." I worked a lot in the archives — German, Polish, Russian, and so this book will include new sections finalized. Kids my heroes, for example, the daughter listapadavtsa Metelsky called and asked to finish this book for her kids and grandchildren. And I all I certainly do.
CorrespondentWhat you proclamation BNR you prazdnichek this?
StuzhinskayaThis is evidence Belarus can be considered a mature civilization, which had its place in Europe and in the then geopolitical world. That while developed its own state elite, which used while the collapse of the Russian Empire quite declaring municipal independence of Belarus.

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