Narodnaya Volya and comrades were detained briefly

"I believe that the police have listed the circulation of both papers, documents were checked. Maybe that investigated the information on the Web, where attention around the world oriented to this fact. And they sent away. "
Now "Freedom" has reported that police detained Dubrovensky police department new circulation newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" and "Comrade." In this regard, the founder and chief editor of "Narodnaya Volya" Syaredzich Joseph gave an interview to "Freedom" and made a statement of the editorial staff:
"The police must now catch the bandits there! Policemen — boys running errands for other structures. I just shameful for such a militia. Suppose they immediately drove the car in this branch of the KGB. Suppose would Orsha or brought Minsk. Would let some presidential structure engaged. This is not the case the police. checked the documents on the road, the driver has Putnam sheet — he was always healthy!
I wish to state that it’s just savagery. Special services who live at the expense of taxpayers, have not learned to work. They have not learned to work every ruble of ordinary people. How can do the same thing? "
Syaredzich Joseph also said that almost These days are Vitebsk police returned circulation "Narodnaya Volya" who was arrested in 2006. Policemen detained "Narodnaya Volya" and Last year — in October, the terrain Smolevichsky district.

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