Navy determined with AVIAGRUPPIROVKOY FOR «Mistral»

Navy determined with AVIAGRUPPIROVKOY FOR
For each of the 2-amphibious assault ships (UDC) of «Mistral» French-built aircraft will be formed by grouping 30 Ka-52K and Ka-29. This proposal is presented in the Defense Command of the Navy. This was said to «News» a source in the Russian Defense Ministry. Earlier it was planned that each helicopter will receive 16 helicopters.

— Proposal for aviagruppirovke for French UDC comprising Russian Navy formed. By determine staffing levels in 30 cars for every ship — roughly equal Ka-29 and Ka-52K (both development Kamov design bureau). It will aviakryle ship and land-based. Makar will be created in such a reserve for frisky rotation machines on ships for repair or substitution of machines at a loss in the case of fighting or tragedy, — said the representative of the Ministry of Defense.

According to him, the formation aviagruppirovok on themselves helicopter is situational, depending on the tasks that need to be addressed at that time.

— UDC can carry 16 helicopters, but their number will vary depending on the objectives, — said the representative of the Ministry of Defense.

Building prototypes ship modification attack helicopter Ka-52 «Alligator» has already begun at the «Progress» (Arsenyev, Primorsky Krai). First machine must be put to the test in 2014. Marine Ka-52 will need to have folding wings and rotor blades ballonets for ditching, anti-ship missiles.

— In the same year began the modernization of 10 military transport helicopters Ka-29, designed to helicopter type «Mistral», — said the representative of the Russian military-industrial complex (MIC).

Ship Ka-29 standard was issued in 1979 at Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise (KumAPP). Total was about 60 cars, a small part of them remained in Ukraine after the collapse of the USSR. After 1991, the helicopter was manufactured only by the piece.

— It currently is not upgrading the Ka-29 helicopter is the ship — and do not ask for such improvements «Mistral» as land Ka-52. It is limited to installation of modern weapons and electronic databases. Absolutely necessary to restore the establishment of good helicopters, which almost lost — allocated representative DIC.

Expert on naval armaments Vladimir Shcherbakov said that the formation aviagruppirovok for «Mistral» with a huge store (reserve) is reasonable, but not quite.

— The main thing is that up until now there is no clarity on the application of these ships. Utility «Mistral» would be trivial, if he became a linchpin for the amphibious group, performing only the functions of attack helicopter and carrier landings. The group should also go 3-4 huge amphibious ships (such as «Ivan Gren») for transportation and armored escort ships (frigates and corvettes) — he summarized.

Contract for the supply of 2-French UDC for the Russian Navy was signed in June 2011. Price — € 1,2 Billion. First ship under the title «Sevastopol» to be built in 2014, the second — «Vladivostok» — In 2015.

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