Neaplyan collided with shuttle

March 24 about 16 hours when in the Mogilev region was heavy snow on the highway between the regional center of Kemerovo and village bus collided jump "Neaplyan" and taxi.
The bus drove Gomel kids — about 50 people, along with the older driver. Springtime vacation began, and students were sent to a sightseeing trip to St. Petersburg. In the minibus "Mogilev-Bobruisk" drove 13 people.
Severe impact (this is preparatory disk imaging was almost head-on collision) bus left kyuvet and bus engine was thrown 15 meters.
Of bus passengers injured very only one child. Passenger bus — Four people were killed and six wounded, two of them children.
For earlier meant that the taxi drove into the oncoming lane in bad visibility criteria. There is an investigation of a catastrophic accident. Tags: tragedy, Kemerovo, jump

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