Nekropali over Kurchavtsami

Just the other day of my trip to Grodno region Kurchavtsy Voronovskiy recognizable archaeologist Oleg Trusov confirmed ancient origins 10-meter obelisk that over 300 meters from the edge of the village. Scientists came and guess about its purpose. But historical stele immediately get failed. Indeed, among the only street here I met a lot of local residents.
Lord: "We once thought to write — enough here" hot lines "and ONT, and local … City stare and lowered village, nobody respects! .. Workers who makes the farm for keeping dogs. Go to Chief though 1st — Did not understand, do the same to you? .. Sotok potatoes hitherto not given — does not explain! "
Shopping kurchavtsav morning crowded around the mobile shops and crew of molokosborschikov. Yet all at once acquainted in no hurry.
Reporter: "What’s your name?"
Lady: "And do not need later life will not be — oh! Seized-bitten here!"
Man: "And I will expel from the farm …"
Reporter: "Do you think 50 thousand went out and brought some other?"
Man: "No, no one will! Welke No horror …"
First referred to himself as 36-year-old Marjan Tsezik. 7 years working molokosborschikov. My four children. The amount of wages in 50-60 thousand per month, which is presently sounded — untainted truth, says Marjan.

Tsezik: "All people have a lot — formerly drove 700 l .. And do not give feed, people lost their cattle — no milk. Waugh, 100 l. The entire village, tomorrow may be 80, the day after zero. Saving something — some clothes do not priobretesh money for these funds … "
Meanwhile we drove to the truck, take back that milk to the factory. He gets out of lyabarantka SEC "Agro-Misyavichy", to which is attached Kurchavtsy, Mrs. Teresa Goi. Here is her explanation of the situation in which the two were virtually hundreds of inhabitants.
Goy: "Will the milk go up — people will keep. But the population in most The old. A hard to feed, and all. Kolkhoz provides as necessary, and may wish for more. Tons of three, for sure, to give the stall period. I this case did not penetrate … "
After the last words pensioner Valentina Dudka and the lady who gave her name Galina that listened attentively to the conversation, no longer restrained feelings.

Dudka: "Three and a half tons need a cow! Subside But — they do not give three! Herbs that regret, and stacks on the roll! Now do not give us mow the hay, if the pensioner has no cattle. And he would anyone took milk — it would give the hay! "
Galina: "That she thinks that three tons! Herbs give 3 bales of 300 kg — it’s just a ton! Officially they weave determine — 50 as its Mernik, 5 will be less. My tractor was 150 thousand, I do not work and his farm to feed the need — go to Lida flour taking. And so to all … "
The validity of the last words convinced when meeting with 56-year-old Vyacheslav Rydvan who works during the harvest tractor. And with the pensioner, also a former tractor Stanislav Kuelem. Tension built up in weight.
Rydvan: "I bought a cow when dealers have already given. Reads zamnachalnitsy site Wanda Vatslavovna that sell — not given to the dealers! Logically, people that milk is not much rent — summer weave get more, and at the moment 50-60 thousand per month! A packet of powder how much? And how many boots tear, pants? No benefit is not! "
Kuel: "There goes the bosses, and all around paarali, that was clean. Now sow beets, beet by kolkhoz not going to graze. Somewhere Dali 4 ha, well as 30 cows to withstand the whole summer? One pasture given — no water, where drink. slaying alive! Oh, go to the team at the moment in the spring will go, to collect pebbles. So I’ll go sit in the field for 20 thousand per month? wish that did not hold anything, and only went to the farm for a penny! "
Galina: "Oh, we have suffered! Took all our — vehicles and tractors. Goya Our chairman Vyacheslav Bronislavovich exiled to increase. And for workers do not work For me, no — I worked in a school as a cleaner. School declined. Villages not. We had center, office, and at this point in Misyavichah! "
Need clarification. Just three years were reversed Kurchavtsy center rich farm Yanka Kupala. Later, like many other places, it was combined with a backward economy in Misyavichah where moved and center latter-day SEC "Agro-Misyavichy." "We’re cornered," — they say is already open my interlocutors, Kurchavtsav inhabitants of different ages.
Lord: "For we do not build anything — we are strangers, idlers, useless, second grade! .. If any help write — now than 7 km to get there? .. Asphalt thought we tweak — hitherto not. Vodichku wondered continue in every house, poles not covered … let Lukashenko come to our farm, and then go to the rich farms! .. I did so many years, retired on beets, potatoes walked. New chiefs have forgotten what they promised — we, the . M presently steel! .. And over our head and rides! "(Noise Machine.)
Currently chairman of the SEC "Agro-Misyavichy" sovereign Burnos — litsezrev, apparently, a man with a microphone — driving next to us two more times. But the conversation never braked …

I have said in the old obelisk Kurchavtsav. This square in the 10-meter pyramid. According to archaeologist Oleg Troussov construction time accounted for 17-18 century. One of starazhylak told that there is a legend, as if once on the obelisk stood watch, hum from which could be heard throughout the neighborhood. And two more of the same have been destroyed.
Lady: "Watch was inside, was …"
As a possible Cowards recognized guess this is old necropolis Reformed flow Arians that took effect at the time in Western Belarus. Knows one of the founders of the guesswork — local ethnographer Vladimir Kroutikov.
Kroutikov: "The event went to a bookstore and came across an album by Napoleon Orda. And there is the same pyramid. And it is written under the picture that this necropolis Prince Alexander Pronsky, aryyanina by confession. This course, which was in those days. Was believed that Jesus Christ — a man of God. refutes all sorts of privileges, while the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches were that the nobility of God given. And they were that all people are born equal — really constructive, progressive within. Were their communities and in gloss, Ivie, Navagrudak. Ivie was Arian Academy, in which famous scientist Ian Namyslowski Licinius was rector. Naturally, during the Counter-Reformation after 1647 he wasPublishing and closed all Arians. The last known aryyaninam was Lyschinsky Casimir, who was accused of ateizme, burned at the stake. They practiced and burial in an open field, exposing the highest pyramid … "
Reporter: "And now happened — over the whole village …"
Kroutikov: "Well, well …"
Already familiar to the former cleaning lady Galina also gentlemen Rydvan yes Kuel fit again and return to a day or noise present. The question remains whether any of that-nibudt comparable nedavneshnego wellbeing usmihayutstsa.
Kuel: "May you come earlier — and here was obtained and the dining room was a garden. And baked bread, cereals and their barley. Composition how many years did — all buzzing. Now everything is closed, workers do not have. Looted dismantled …"
Rydvan: "The club is open — the usual. Noses where there stuff each other
Surprisingly, in 2006, the country club in the competition Kurchavtsah who announced the Ministry of Culture, has been recognized in the country "club of the year." It is well equipped, has a benign disco equipment that solves all cash prepyadstviya. So the 19-year-old Nadia akampaniyatarka Zinchenko, who immediately fifth month, is not going to work to throw. Not broken up and dance and song that visits 27-year-old Lena Fedosevich.

Zinchenko: "At first, it seemed — all quietly killed. And so a lot of people, because all the unemployed. (Laughs) At the disco is going to a lot of people — with Zabolote, Proteins Vasilishek, Radunia. On the glory of the former farm club leaves …"
Fedosevich: "We sing, we dance. Invite on prazdnichkom, events. Toll mo three performances this month. Obtain as if — table luxurious and moderate fee …"
Reporter: "You are the only profitable Kurchavtsah institution to express my congratulations …"
Zinchenko, "Yes, thank you …"
Galina: "The youth ran! And we need to run — say, in the second farm go unbearably here! My kids both — devchenke 26, the boy 23 — ran away!"
It was again badeyku ledavoy water from Galina. When you exit acquainted with one of the young people here small — 27-year-old unemployed Vyacheslav Valyukevich, once worked at a private granary.
Valyukevich "would like to work. But nowhere on the farm for 20 thousand pebbles carry no hunting. Decide or go to the city or to stay here. Naturally, sorry to throw the village, having lived so many years …"

All the same hope goes out the latest in recent Minutka travel Kurchavtsah reads me sire Kuel.
Kuel: "That they helped in the farm if there is health, though retired, and you can go to the second or third day on the job. Our wish — often come, help us!"

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