Nicholas Kryvaltsevich records rally in field

"I was aware of the significance of this action, because change is brewing and it felt. All hung in the air.
Before this occurred very importants activities related to the discovery and spread of disk imaging Kurapaty. Was necessary and through these actions to influence that government commission made accordingly conclude public. I took a tape recorder with a huge size and big camera "Zenit". This public protest was for us a real feat. When we came to the Eastern cemetery, I saw a lot of people. I saw some of the crowd began to separate, and dragged to any machine or surrounded by some unknown people. I beheld, as enough people who tried to photograph something.

Daughter crashed when people started to press and poison gas at the entrance to the cemetery, I beheld how people surrounded Zeno tried to assist him. He was shocked to paly. He was taken out from the crowd.
Later all the procession moved along the road to a career at Kurapaty. Braked in a pit, when realized, that they will not let Kurapaty. Rally began and had a terrible cold, a strong cold wind was a little snow. And when people began to surround the people sat on the ground to hear the appeal of the organizing committee "Martyralegu."
When people like zgruvastsilisya in this pit, someone picked up a small white-red-white flag. And I managed to take a picture of this moment. And whereupon military moved.
If it had read and Zeno, and Orlov, I tape-recorded. I still have that record, maybe not quite a high quality, because the record was interrupted by people who constantly had move to the side, because from all sides surrounded by the military, crushed. And the pictures I made in some places 5-second I meant that the whole tape gifts, but in my eyes of the people selected cameras and chased them for it. "
Remember Dzyady 1988

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