Night Siege — 11 February

Readers Web Site "Nasha Niva"Discussions are a new presidential decree, which changed the rules of admission to universities. Namely, now for admission to certain specialties, which exhibit specific requirements, you must pass an interview. Representations readers:
"This means, ideeluhi in the executive committees that will select the "trustworthy" on the humanities, and people who can help others without thinking, access to education is not have. Such criteria should establish their schools. "
"Smart introduce fool easier than on the contrary, because is not that hopeless -" our "will be all the barriers. Well, here complicated: you’ll be asked when entering the Agronomy Department BATU whether you want to become president, the answer that there is no , what you want spend the his life in agro … "
The forums on the portal TUT.bybeseduyut outer Policy. Guests lured news that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez threatened to block the oil valve "Empire of the United States." Comments:
"Chavez will soon its oil for breakfast drink because his country without U.S. crude oil can not live."
"Chavez is right. Mineral wealth should belong to the people of Venezuela and not to foreign firms. Revenues from trading natural resources must remain in the country. With this viewpoint Chavez’s position in the nationalization of the oil industry looks sensible and patriotic. Either someone disagrees? "
"I do not agree. Suppose that oil revenues belong to Venezuela … but let the margin from this business does not exceed at least 50%."
"In the UAE, the gains from trade natural resources belong to the country. There at the end of fiscal year government citizens real money account on enrolling. Chavez And sitting on the utter supplies, keeps people in poverty …"
Photojournalist "Nasha Niva" Doroshkevich, which is known in the "Live journal" as Fotaczka, had found on the website "People News" information that members of the Youth Union recently sent a day or Valentine’s distribution list — who of recognizable individuals must declaration of love. In the midst of such persons — Natalia Pyatkevich and Lydia Yermoshina.
One of the blog readers Fotaczkai commented:
"Better Pyatkevich her figure though …"
A blogger Kirilllka also talks about beauty. He came across an article about casting "Miss Belarus" with the headline: "We have selected the most beautiful." "At first, benefits later kiosks, later the most beautiful …" — Writes the blogger.

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