Night Siege — 18 March

On forums portal discussions are the statement of the Interior Vladimir Naumov that can not work on all State avtainspektsyi judged only on the incident on Slutskaya track when people used to live shield. Comments:
"For subordinates responsible chief. Suppose Naumov" get out ";
"The minister once again" includes durachiny. "Everyone understands what you mean, and no minister Tipo. Traffic policemen" wrong "is not the first time";
"Yes, all the organs of people on the streets enough," live shields put "… One gets the feeling that the sovereign Naumov just admazvae bro";
"Funny, that at least some civilians responsibility awakens — letters began to write."
Aliaksei blogger in his diary draws attention to an incident in the Mogilev region. One farmer wrote a statement to the police beating his son-school students. Three offender came clamoring to the emperor took a statement. He refuses, then the offender began to beat the victim’s father. As a self-sovereign used a hunting rifle. Three hitters languid state were in the clinic. Blogger comment:
"Men jailed likely, and pity. Socialist government, all for the benefit of the electorate. "Police wonder where he got a measured person much anger …"
Page appeared festival "Belarusian vyasna2008", which is held from March 22 to April 12 in Kiev. Reach literary meetings, film screenings, photo exhibitions, and much more. Ukrainians will be able to meet with a number of works of Belarusian uncensored art. The festival is held the second year in a row. Begins March 22 in the center of Kiev with Hryshchatsiku performance "Run skiing on asphalt": "The music of Russian sports marches participants will fight for the Cup name Lukashenko."
A writer Vladimir Stepan own blog publishes creative reflection on the current weather, when snow and sun were combined:
And you never know what snowflakes taste? ..
The current sunny March — with a taste of birch sap.
If you do not have time to test — drink your beer … "Tags: Web, Belarusian, blogs

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