Night Siege — 24 March

On forums portal discussions are Belarusian television news about the latest spy komplot that Tipo opened in Minsk. Directorate of the KGB has already said that about any conspiracy knows. Presentation participants forums:
"All this nonsense! Filmed a movie written and broadcast. Neuzh you believe it? Even man, far from politics, everything as clear. "
"What’s curious experiments on simple" denunciation "neighbors came to the apartment immediately and with a large group of cameras? How do I know the district to inspect such signals corrected or meetings in the latter case. Something I have the camera never precinct did not notice. "
"This show is organized to prove that the U.S. embassy is very many people works and while he was sitting engaged in the creation of spy networks. This show is quite logical continuation of notes of protest that Americans should reduce embassy staff. That simple. "
Readers website Charter 97 discussions are another news journalist Ira Khalip summoned to the prosecutor’s office for an explanation of the publication on the website article "Murder live." Article appeared in Ira Kazulina day death, and prosecutors are interested in what relation Lukashenko had to death of ex-wifepresidential candidate Alexander Kozulin. Reviews:
"The prosecutor tried to make a linguistic analysis of the article. Namely, it is interested, who is the" beast. "But the prosecutor gave himself, as he believes that man is a monster, and he even knows his name. Here it is."
"Funny stories from the Stalinist era. Adjutant snaps to Stalin and whispers that Zhukov, when out of the office, said" goat. "Zhukov immediately returned. He replied to the question leader, that read it’s about themselves and their mistakes. Stalin cocked a suspicious eye on the adjutant: "And you who reflect on, comrade?"
Living in a society magazine minsk_by blogger Eugene Lipkovich proposes to discuss with the Russian publication of the newspaper "RBC daily" "Belarus will get a nuclear bomb." The article mentions a meeting President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov. Experts imply Belarus may be in response to the U.S. sanctions against "Belneftekhim" concern located on its own terrain Russian gun. Comments members of society:
"On the criteria for monitoring our troops last bombs will not give. If will, then it ushers the Russian part of the SRF. Neither 1st Belarusian ensign 10km NOT padpustsyats. Because father did not agree to such conditions."
"How they will combine with the status of Belarus as a nuclear-free zone that is written in the Constitution?"
"Yes it is all stupidity. Journalist catchy headline and only fiction well. This is when yu a South American airliner mistakenly violated our air space, the journalist would write exactly that" Belarus may declare war on the United States! "
Valeria Koustova blogger writes in his own online blog "From the discussions in the public transport:
— Tomorrow, they say, prazdnichek … Only, they say, T-SSS! ..
— What is T-SSS! I’m for you ladies T-SSS! St. tomorrow. "Tags: Web, Belarusian, blogs

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