Night Siege — February 12

Now Alexander Lukashenko delivered a speech at the opening of the new building of the Faculty of Journalism of BSU. He stated Belarus seeks to cooperate with all countries, "and primarily with such giants as our homeland, China, Asia, Latin America and Africa. "
On forums portal its expression comment followed properly. ly-net: "Iran is not now so tomorrow bomb, Hugo publicly chews coca leaves, proving the safety of these herbs in China for pennies people die in mass production. Great Friend."
Rosenberg: "More than pleased that it all sounded in a new building of the Faculty of Journalism. Journalists need to wash brains while they have not forgot and did not consider what was happening. Gone are the old days when teachers economy and political journalism could boldly and openly draw real Situation in Belarus before an audience. Later and get a journalism. "
LPA777: "Well, from what frightened the whole forum recollected, and Yes I do not care who, what and when wrapped. Necessary NPP my country — will NPP! Hugo amused Coco? But openly offers economic aid (as opposed to" Gazprom " incidentally) to All, I’m not worried about coca. Lunet, you’re no match with odious Western mongrel really interested in cooperation Western business structures … "
mister__x: "What is shameful that none of the students got up and left the room ostentatiously. All silently listened to this nonsense. Shame not Lukashenko, shame to the young generation."
nightkingdom society minsk_by lamented the fact that at the Pedagogical Institute named after Maxim Tank for missing a lecture or workshop now have to pay a fine of 7 thousand rubles. "How is it competent?" — Asks blogger.
head_of_babulka wondered: "You acted truant there?"
eleon: "Read the contract for the provision of educational services. If the contract and the documents to which it refers (the charter of the institute, etc.) it does not mean illegal. If there is — you have agreed to this by signing the contract."
Learn liashkou_a blogger community by_politics told of a conversation 3 ladies Incline age. "They remember cancellation of benefits, price increase, the return Tymoshenko in Ukraine bank savings. Later, one of them brings concluded: "Lukashenko our brand isportsivsya. All paadbirav. More of his never vote. Me he was not fooled." Her companion supported it. "
Comments. trauch: "In the genre of science fiction and political."
fishka_by: "Such discussions at every step, but I over sure before the subsequent election Lukashenko throw them a bone, I will run as pretty to vote. "
dunaj: "you tell her, of course, been explained that there whom she will vote no value has no long?"
The community LJ recommends 12 to February 19, you can look new antiglobalization clip of "Lapis Troubetzkoy" "Golden antelope." Tags: Web, Belarusian, blogs

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