Night Siege, February 25

Guests online portal discussions are Alexander Kozulin ability to get to the funeral of deceased wife Ira.
BAZA-X wrote: "Why are we bastards! Neuzh something neighbors and acquaintances of the head of the colony can not nicheg him at least something vyskazats What is still in our minds turned upside down? If Kozulin not release Belarusians should conduct last farewell to this brave lady! Show people who have and where cowardly hiding power ». students:" The chief of the colony is in an administrative position and must adhere to certain rules. The rules indicated, which can be to release prisoners on family incidents. For him, all prisoners are similar. " Romanych novel: "In general, there is a possibility (Articles 59 and 92 of the Criminal Execution Code)». PONOS: "Yes, at least it was not Kozulin, and another man, that he was a thief and a murderer would have happened such grief conventional reaction people wasand would vtochnosti same. Do not let a person on his wife’s funeral — it’s just myarzotstse. " starteg: "And the people in the area mention who planted them? Starovojtova Marynich, Leonova and many others. Neuzh they were so bad? Even worse Galina Zhuravkova?"
Ira Khalip website Charter’97 expressed followed: "The Kozulin, of course, revenge. Ira, for sure, forgive. That is just about her apologies Lukashenko does not find out … He’s going to be different: two shovel manure and rusty fence. And the memory except those zadavzhav — to not pay the bills. "
The same theme is more searing and other websites Belarusian Network. Learn citus user community "Belarusian politics" / by_politics wrote: "I understand that you all have work, uni, schools, recreation, some" always urgent "things that need to be addressed, but neuzh all this above our solidarity with you? Neuzh all these compassionate words of support on the web — it’s all that capable Belarusians? .. If you have heart when you’re after, come now to the area at 18:00 Kalinouski (October). " In LJ community shumski someone said: "Kozulin was sentenced to 5 years without fault, on a whim 1 person. Spouse died without attention beloved person, kids left without parents. Understand who is povinet? We. We allow contact with his family taken separately in a similar way, to mock and humiliate them. We are even prepared to justify rule. Sami vygarozhvaem it to remove the responsibility from themselves. In the evening I come to apologize for my silence and inaction. "
Web site of the newspaper "Belarusians and Market" quoted Belarusian CEC secretary Nikolai Lozovik that the last presidential election the other day said, "For disk imaging, which we have, Kozulin in 2002 with his own wife was divorced. Question appeared in connection with due to the fact that the property he has broken … "The same information is confirmed and then press secretary Alexander Kozulin Nina Shydlouskaya, but the fact of divorce of named because Ira Alexander Kozulin and continued to live together.
Blogger Andrzej Poczobut in his diary laid fascinating, historic photo is how recently the last presidential elections in Belarus, Grodno OMON vyhtavavsya likely to protest. In the role of the opposition during the exercises were the same police officers Grodno.
In the current issue of the Internet newspaper "Daily". reported that the Belarusian sport another scandal with matches under the contract. Law enforcement agencies are a consequence of events to identify contractual disposition hockey match between teams "Vitebsk" and "Gomel". This was said at the end of last week at a meeting of the executive committee of the Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation its chairman Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov. Shocked bukmekerskiya office match on February 17 in Vitebsk, and site owners who occupied the fourth place, the number of apparent winners. But virtually all bids were made specifically for victory "Gomel", which occupies the penultimate place in the standings. Bukmekery had even finish reception rates. "Gomel" eventually won 5-2.

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