Night Siege — March 10

Readers website Charter 97 discussions are news that the salting of Belarus in the U.S. Misha Tails returned to Minsk — for advice in relation to sanctions against "Belneftekhim" concern.
"Do not worry. Will increase — in Honduras or Venezuela."
"Why are you so pro diplomats. Diplomats serve their own homeland, for you. They protect her, as the military. And this service is not so easy. "
"I do not need their service. Specifically, such a service. Ribbentrop served Hitler. Where finished? And not the people it serves. And serve it will not in principle. His people and Lukashenko — the same thing."
On the website "Nasha Niva" has another photo essay Doroshkevich under laconically entitled "Zeno." Photojournalist "Nasha Niva" photographed Poznyak time the young Belarusian Diaspora Congress, which took place on March 4 in Tallinn. Reader Reviews Web site:
"Nasha Niva" was tasked piarit Zeno? "
"I think" Nasha Niva "Given the task of giving the information that interests of its readers."
"And Zenon such young and white-red-white March ahead …"
"External changes are not sufficiently set off Paznyaka.I thank God. Suppose remains healthy and strong."
The forums portal discussions are interview filmmaker Andrzej Wajda, published in "BelGazeta." In an interview with the director in charge of his own film "Katyn", talks about ravnaznachnasts evil of Stalinism and Nazism, and the role of the Katyn disaster in history. Andrzej Wajda also states the probable misunderstanding with the Russian audience "Katyn" because the Russians could be more awareness of those events. Also it draws attention that killed at Katyn not only Poles, and Russian, Ukrainians and Belarusians. Comments forum participants:
"It’s bad when people do not know their own history. Puny when" most conscientious president "does not know her (despite the Vocational Education) and with all this, so speak out," reads "the story on your own way … you can not change history, can not be rewritten, but do it on your own way, you can … By the way, I bet that will get this picture in the list of movies to be shown on irregular terrain of Belarus. "
"History should know, certainly. But what does this have for the film? Either it shows the well-known facts of cooperation between Poland and the Nazis? (For example, in the seizure of Czechoslovakia). Or said that to Katyn camps were camps in Poland with the Red Army, where nobles tortured hundreds of thousands of people … In short, the usual palitagitka, which has nothing to do with reality. "
"A movie about a single episode. No need to juggle. Zamordovali Belarusians Brother … my grandfather was sitting in the Polish bullpen. So he has the right to read on this topic. And you speculate — no. "
"The Poles withdrew own movie about mass executions. Someday, maybe this will remove our … We will not be surprised if their NKVD again be" stained with blood "… About the" what and how vicious bourgeois good Russian power, "we listened to a very long and everything about it already know."
Gomel writer Sergei Balakhonov in your own online blog writes: "Online published" Church-Belarusian "dictionary of religious and theological definitions." It is complicated, as noted in the introduction, "the blessing of Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk." Litsezrev only the word "blessing" , you begin to suspect that happen to see the dictionary is very specific. Indeed, is it Tipo Belarusian words with the root of the "bad", "bells", "Annunciation", "grace", "Reverence", "blissful", "bliss". that must mean in whiteRussian language, When the word "bad" is set to "bad bad?" With so many words ("angel", "vision", "devil", etc.) is the same failure. Because "Belarusian" part of the vocabulary, I will not use. I have more lures lexical wealth of biblical translation of St. Paul and the Yankees Stankevich. Sorry if that is not so. "Tags: Web, Belarus, blogs, forums

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