Night siege March 17

On website "Charter’97"discussions are new allegations Russian "Gazprom" — the average price of Russian gas for consumers in the CIS and Europe could reach $ 400 for a thousand cubic meters. Reasoning offers a website:
"Just to be invented new penalties. Humans except Flicker, Obliged to wear on their heads beacons, and for demonstration hungry protesters would write a million bucks, not rubles. ZhESy oblige set in each apartment air consumption meter."
"Talking 2-workaholic:
— Soon there will be an increase in the price of meat!
— Poor.
— Soon there will be an increase in prices for bread!
— Bad!
— Soon there will be an increase in prices for vodka!
— Well, this can not be! Lukashenko will not allow! "
As networks continue to open a discussion on auto Slutsky highway tragedy that occurred on March 2. Then the traffic police to halt an intoxicated driver, put a cordon of private cars in which were people. Late last week, prosecutors opened a criminal case against members of the traffic police. Newspaper "Russian Belarus"tries direct attention readers to the fact that the incident Tipo politicize and meanwhile emergency provoked an intoxicated driver, and not the traffic police. Comments from readers of the official website of the publication:
"I think, that this situation GAI just signed for his neprafesiyanalizme … punishment should be held responsible not only for what happened and the traffic police, who made "human shield", and the highest chiefs of GAI. The incident has proved that there is a problem in this department, and let her decide more competent people. Similar law for all. "
"I believe that the traffic police involved in the incident, not the most important culprits. They could make the team, not knowing the whole situation. Povinet who ran "operation." From all visible even bad coordination between performers. Unfortunately, this incident is not the most grievous far, causing enormous damage to reputation GAI ".
"The essence is that employees GAI even thought must not appear that, that substitute a blow of ordinary people." Use non-lethal weapons are not always harmless to others. "Neuzh something safer substitute a blow drivers who did not suspect anything?"
In a society "living magazine" minsk_by discussions are reporting that the weekend went on ONT. From the report, it became clear that Last year Belarus was also the case when private cars were used as "human shields", but all were alive.
"Just a democratic Sabbath" — said one of the members of the community.
Forum participants portal drew attention to the news about how the Mogilev schoolgirl voluntarily withdrew from the Youth Union and was off the possibility of union organizing secretary of the primary. Lady called to speak with the school and warned that the output of the Youth Union will be reflected in her personal file. Comments:
"And our young people are not yet completely lost."
"Right. Here logs are forced to wear on work days on skis instead of a British study, for example. And you must ensure turnout!"

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