Night Siege — March 20

On the night of March 21 to begin a protest users are popular blogging website "Living magazine" who disagree with the current owners of the website to cancel the free accounts.
The community minsk_by written
"One day without posts. One day without comment. One day of peace in the" Learn ". Protesting all multilingual LJ population against removal basis (Free bezreklyamnyh) accounts. Proposal to hold a rally was manufactured South American bloggers. From North Greenwich March 21 until midnight on March 22 did not enter the "Learn" does not comment on the latest and fast disk imaging. Let’s see how collapse statistics "LJ" in this period. "
Record caused a huge number of comments:
"I guarantee that no" crash statistics Learn "will not. Maybe even grow a little";
"If the project for 10 years has evolved into a world-class (our efforts), at the moment to tighten the screws to make up a new purse? Sorry, zhlobstva";
uamana: "Practically speaking, what’s the point of protest? You did something to you taken something must Learn to All they say that here we have a custom base, holders of content, but nobody you select this content is not going to. Nobody oppresses. Your right not to use the service, why all the fuss? In general it is a business, and its owner has the right to do what he wants, of course, without violating the legitimate rights draws ";
im_serge: "I had read somewhere on the option to" Disposal Account "on the day. So the effect stronger. Estimate, when thousands of magazines and removed per day, and the question" why? "Everyone will write:" Return the base acc. "
In a society "living magazine" "Belarusian politics" wearer zxz12m wrote that "the architect is just great and very exciting person Gennady Loikaw threatened with dismissal from work (school number 185) for the story of the disciples on March 25 … We currently can go to the public reception (something like the living room) website 185th school there and express their outrage. "So, here, in this room, you can read these records:
Leonid Deiko: "Teacher, this ideology is temporary, change will come, and you look into the eyes of children and their parents. Give God for you to hear the words from your students after:" This director defended beautiful teacher in those days … ";
Sergei Skripnichenko: "Dismiss it — what then? Who says children of the Motherland? Masters pour plaster any brains? Astabrydela is progressing slavery and subservience. Pochetaemye school leaders number 185! Look at yourself from the eyes of ordinary people, and stop skhilitsesya, as yet not too late, because, as cross the invisible but very terrible border road backwards for you will not be … ";
Sergei: "With one side, you (the teacher) — hostage system. On the other — people who can — and should — have an impact on education and formation outlook kids. Nobody’s forcing you to lead kids on an opposition rally. And falling into decay on the principle of "like that does not happen", to put it mildly, unwise ";
Unsigned: "This which country you instill pride, love, and respect, dismissing a true patriot and professional creator G.Loyku? Realize I can not. Faster you maim soul students, preparing them for the fate of the slave, forgetful, flegmantichnyh, powerless creatures without pluses, love and responsibility. Shame to you, teachers of slavery! "
Olga: "Dear colleagues, I’m sure that the behavior of management in relation Hanicke Loikaw not only do not honor your school and again show students and parents, as a matter of fact that a measured stability that trynditstsa with (anti) municipal media. If you are afraid of free thought and the other eye, at least try not to show it to his disciples. With reverence and wish success ";
Peacock: "Do not touch Loikaw! It is necessary for a person to guess the word to fire! Especially since word truthful! By the way, why did he have to tell the children about the March 25, not your history teacher? Is that a joke is this? You must educate patriots who know the history of their own people, and not squeezed homegrown ideologues gruel about how we in the same trench Russian rottenness. "
In his diary, blogger miken_by quoted the deputy head of the Interior Ministry of Drug Romuald Andriievskii that at a press conference in Minsk said that the Belarusian legislation introduced a new concept of a drug-related: coined the term "particularly unsafe drugs." This — marijuana, heroin and amphetamines. "Why are not included in the list of" Superlyato "fruit wines and BTshnyh" Panorama "?" — Blogger is surprised.
On the website "Nainteresneyshih news from around the world"Now you can read:
"The Guardian" published a report on the results of a study conducted by the well-known advertising company "Ernst & Young". Summary advertisers is: the criteria of fierce competition with online media leading British newspapers must urgently change their advertising strategy "global network" … First newspapers should be reoriented to a very young audience and make services on the Web site for free. Need to do away with the middle vserasprostranennoy decent English editions practice shares sell CD-and DVD-discs. This will put a young audience that had grown accustomed to the fact that all Internet content that interests her, is available free of charge. "
There is now the newcomer community, which will be posted videos shot specifically for the Web site of the newspaper "Nasha Niva. "Already, there can see the report from the opening of the exhibition" Tomcats ". Tags: web, Belarusian, blogs

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