Night Siege — March 21

Guests website Russian newspaper "Capital Komsomolets" discussions are article "Zubkov found for" Farther "profit", by Tatiana Zamahinay. Article stating, Belarus donates part of the budget revenues from Russian companies work where Russian capital. Information has become known in the course of the visit Russian Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov to Belarus on March 20. Comments:
"Our homeland she spits at all, including the wind. So we have to wipe the spittle";
"(Lukashenko) fooled and will prick until sits at the helm of";
"Belarusians do not wish to NATO and the European Union, until … Here and forgive them. "
Boycott website blog "Living magazine" ("LJ") supported by many users Cyrillic resource sector, in including Belarusian bloggers. Part of the protest decision hosts "Learn" the opportunity to cancel the registration of basic accounts — without advertising, with the smallest set of functions.
Belarusian blogger Anton Koipish multiplayer community minsk_by contains an appeal to users to "live magazine", which recalls that on this day, March 21, 10 people are hungry, demanding to release political prisoners. "These people make a genuine effort in their own struggle. Neuzh this information is not worthy of expansion? "- Emphasizes Anton Koipish and continues:" But instead of this main theme — a one-day strike of the "Learn". Comments:
"Start with share yourself — do not write in the" Learn "until unleash Kozulin";
"To each his own. Kids in Africa who die … What touches, one against and protesting."
The forums portal information is discussed that the monument would be moved to Maxim Bogdanovich. Now he stands in front of the opera house near the street Yanka Kupala, a new location for the monument chosen closer to the street named after the poet — the streets of Maxim Bogdanovich. Comments:
"Well, at least not in that Gatovo (village near Minsk)";
"It is surprising that previously did not think do. Monument of peramestsitstsa painted on the street own behalf, decorate it, it will be visible to passers-by and the road ";
"The trick with Bogdanovich monument on the square of the Paris Commune Cane into oblivion";
"I wonder how fit they decided to move the monument. March 25 opposition is going to lay flowers at the monument. Suspect that work will begin in Lately . "
Website "Nasha Niva"Contains a poster of celebrations for the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic. Besides Belarusian cities, celebrations will be held in Vilnius, Kiev, Prague, Warsaw, New York, Toronto, London and other cities. Rallies, conferences, musical events, many other video displays.
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