Night Siege — March 7

On forums portal comment Belarusian Foreign Ministry statement review Misha Khvostova ambassador from the United States for consultations in connection with the introduction of additional economic sanctions against the state of "Belneftekhim". Official Minsk recommended that U.S. Ambassador Karen Stewart to leave the country. Comments:
"Apparently, found the Sashavy billion … At the moment, will mochilovo that slaves forelocks shake";
"And someone said, they say, we in the U.S. accounts are not necessary … How pinched one place, then cried";
"Neuzh then close the" McDonald’s "?";
"Awful — nationalized";
"Amazing … OSCE constantly vilified, and at this point in the OSCE require protection."
Comments on the forums of the "Charter 97":
"Excellent! Lukashenko tail giving more";
"Promptly responded to the refusal to release Kozulin! Curiously, specifically for sanctions. Perhaps better than freezing accounts" Belneftekhim "with several tyschami bucks, when the ambassadors will go home";
"Bravo, USA!"
In Brussels, March 7 Belarus and the European Union signed an agreement to open a consulate of the European Commission in Minsk. The response to this event on the website of the "Charter 97", "A good contrast with articles about the withdrawal of ambassadors Belarus / USA."
Writer and publisher Miroslaw Adamczyk in svoemblogepishet about creative people and alcohol. The plot is based on the true story of that one desired to throw a drink painter using drug treatment. The psychiatrist warned his wife of the artist, which, coupled with alcohol a person is forgiven and the former family — begins a new life. But the painter did not leave the family, "Peel as painters drink: for art, for life, for creative discoveries. True artists are always finding new forms of reincarnation and experience sober quality of life skillfully."

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