No PR agencies is not enough to overcome the negative Belarusian favorite

Tsigankov "official media, first Belarusian TV, launched last days of real information war against American policy in general and the South American Embassy in Belarus viz. Worth recalling also that the Foreign Ministry asked the U.S. Embassy to reduce the number of their employees. Would you say that spending Minsk some strategy, fueling conflict or it’s just sensual response to the U.S. sanctions? And if the strategy is, what? "
"Elephant, begemot and small midge"

Sadowski: "I wish there would not use the word" strategy. "Since today’s Belarus is on the edge of some Russian woman, anti-American policies, these information act has long started and actually interrupted the last 12 years."
Tsigankov: "As the sovereign Sadowski, Belarusian policy toward the United States, in principle, does not change. But how to explain the ebb and tide of the last days? "

Chausov: "I would not have used against the Belarusian foreign policy, the term" strategy "- the faster it is situational reaction. Situation with sanctions and nervous reaction to their inability to show real introduction Belarusian diplomacy to solve prepyadstviya facing the state. The time that could use, that these sanctions have not been applied, diplomacy was lost. The result was such a harsh reaction from the U.S. and nervous, I’d even said, hysterical reaction on the part of Belarus. "
Tsigankov: "It is not the first day in the midst of analysts is discussed version that official Minsk seeks to embroil the United States and the European Union in the Belarusian dilemma. How do you think it’s really necessary to official Minsk, and if so — in what ways is this achieved? "
Sadowski: "I do not share this thesis. In the U.S. and the EU have made a huge task, but there is solidarity and foreign policy characteristics evraatlyantyzmu. Naturally, any country has any special interests — remember the trip, Nicolas Sarkozy or Angela Merkel in the U.S.. Belarus here can not affect in any way. Imagine a elephant and begemot — and a small mosquito somehow ushchemlivaetstsa between them, cook them … I do not think "
Tsigankov: "Of course, I mean not that Belarus embroil the United States and Europe, and that they have had different approaches to the problem and the Belarusian official Minsk wants to deepen them somehow. "
Chausov: "Again, in no way can deepen. Clearly, there is a group (the United States, Poland, the Baltics, Czech Republic), in which his attitude to Belarus. In France, for example, no matter. Germany has his attitude. But intrigued them went to Belarus including as here flooded Russian capital. Cancel the "golden share" — all nod in the direction of the West. "
Tsigankov: "Still can provide some salvation for Minsk difference in the approaches the U.S. and Europe? U.S. to impose sanctions, the EU opens in Minsk office of the European Commission. Can Belarus try to play on it? "
Chausov: "In 1-x, let us recall that the sanctions imposed by the European Union is. Visa sanctions and penalties relating to the probability of blocking accounts. Announced this at the moment forgets on the background like" warming "of relations with the EU.
As for the ability to play on the difference in approaches — certainly, European approaches more multifaceted. How true the emperor saw Peter, there are different approaches by different groups of states. But will note that still some general provisions on the Belarusian prepyadstviya were announced 18 months to reverse the so called "12 proposals" of the European Union. This is the point that connects all voedinyzhdy shmatgrannasts European approaches. Of course, the European approach has one huge flaw in comparison with South American — as at least some attempt to "dialogue", likely to occur when the victim becomes fundamentally questions the desire "to support the dialogue."
"No PR agencies is not enough to overcome the negative that comes from the Belarusian favorite."
Tsigankov "Alexander Lukashenko met in Minsk with the eminent English spices in PR-industry Timothy Bell. It is understood that Bell received from the Belarusian ruler offer to work on improving the style of modern Belarus. Can PR agency does not assist the most democratic regime make better own style? "
Sadowski: "undemocratic regime PR will not help. While on the visit of Lord Bell can only say that the subsequent -" came, looked promised. "Nowhere obliges. I climbed into the web and honored several stories about his company. Turns out, there is absolutely no so things are going well. Perhaps here, in Belarus, you can fix them? "
Chausov: "In the matter of improving the image of the" last dictatorship in Europe "PR means, I think, Lukashenka’s regime did not have enough money to overcome all of that film, which was accumulated in the media sphere. Individual custom publishing may seem laudable in the Western press (remember the article in the "Guardian"). But non-standard personality of Lukashenko, who then praise Hitler, the anti-Semitic attacks to allow yourself … No PR agencies is not enough to overcome the negative that comes from the Belarusian favorite. "

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