Nominees for the award of the BPF

In the category "social decorum" whether it will receive from Gomel Dmitry Zhaleznichenka — for their efforts in byelorussization army or Ivan Shyla Salihorsk — for a series of political and artistic events, or Tamara Shchepetkin of Birches — confrontation for construction enterprises producing pesticides "Frandesa."
In the category "Culture" for the award nominated Lavon and Anne Wolski for Christmas concert "Snowy Lane". They will compete with Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich who nominated for a music album based on poems by Gennady Buraukin and albums on poetry classics. Also Ales Tsyrkunou proposed for the prize for the discovery of heritage Alfred Romer and a series of exhibitions.
In the category "Education / Science" for the award nominated Valentine Sivkovych — for the preparation of manuals on whiteRussian language, Ales Evdaha — for the initiative to issue a "Carlson-to-roof" in Belarusian, and Dmitry Solovyov — for successful competition in the opening of the Belarusian-garden in Mogilev.
Followers will be announced on March 25, a day the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of independence of the Belarusian People’s Republic of. In This year Prize will be awarded to the second year in a row.
Award BPF — is a bronze statuette depicting "Chases. It was founded by to support initiatives implemented during last year. According to the concept, premium celebrate outstanding achievements in the field of public chynnastsi, culture, science and education, "aimed at strengthening the state independence of Belarus, its cultural identity assertion values of freedom and democracy in our country. "

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