Not education reform, and stir ignorant people

With all of this until its essence is reduced only to the abolition of innovation in recent years and return to the old swatches. Namely, it is proposed to abandon the 12-year study and return to the 5-point grading system.
Not long ago, a great article on this topic published deputy manager of the Presidential Administration of Belarus Anatoly Rubinov. Why do the authorities wish to return back the old educational standards? On this question responsible manager Belarusian Humanities Lyceum Vladimir Kolos.
Tsigankov "Why reappeared discussions about education reform? It seems only recently teachers and students are accustomed to the new rules, which are only a couple of years — and here again they say their repeal. "
Kolos: "Real reform must be based on real needs of society to education schools. We also everything is done opposite. But the most important thing in the article Rubinov — an attempt to make responsible for the stupidity and absurdity of recent years Democrats and the national conscious part of society. We time made the concept of public education — the need to reform the school has. But the authorities as it was done and not done.
And what caused these intentions — so Rubinov for himself and outputs. In this form, in which the school is at the moment, she asks for more money than the Russian Union. These unnecessary years that kids spend in school — they are the same. Certainly, in the budget for it not. "
Tsigankov: "In fact, the article was Rubinov says that these young people better, instead of to teach and spend municipal funds — let them go work …"
Ear: "In principle, yes.’s Essence, all the pathos of this sharpening reversed."
Tsigankov: "You talk about the ordering of society. Why hitherto failed reforms, which brought to the Patriots and educated people?"
Ear: "Not only the Patriots, you need to prepare the younger generation at the level of the challenges that defines the modern development of the world’s population. According to another of our youth will be competitive. And in an article Rubinov destroy general all the worldovye trends in education development — and more rational forms that are already invented.
In principle, no utility was not large, from the fact that was manufactured, so no harm will be special. if it all back. But no need to read about school reformit’s just stir ignorant people. "

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