Now — Global TB day

Belarus is registered more than 13 thousand patients with tuberculosis. Now the country’s media campaign begins, "I can suspend tuberculosis."
In 2007, Belarus 4872 revealed new variants of tuberculosis that is 54 patients per 100 thousand population. The mortality rate — 9.3 per 100 thousand options. Increased attention should be devoted to such a figure: 2% of TB cases — medical officers — says the manager of the joint project of UNDP and the Ministry of Health on tuberculosis Larissa Savishcheva.
"Unfortunately, this medical officers, a certain part consists of HIV-infected (besides, most of the infected people die from tuberculosis in particular), is unemployed, people released from correctional institutions and people with acquired alcoholic."
In Last year Belarus was adopted Second state program to combat tuberculosis for 5 years, for which the government allocates 26 million dollars. And the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has decided to allocate an additional grant of Belarus 14.4 million bucks. So makarom, just to overcome unsafe disease within 5 years will take more than 40 million dollars. Beneficiaries — unhealthy TB prisoners unhealthy AIDS, representatives of less protected sectors of the population. The funds will be used for the purchase of modern diagnostic equipment, effective quality medicines, training, monitoring and creation of the State Register "tuberculosis". Already in the coming two years more than 7.5 thousand patients will be healed supratstuberkuleznymi modern products.
Very alarming situation in prisons of the country. Doctor Knows Republican prison clinics, project manager for the prison system, Oleg Dubovik:
"At 2007 zahvorvalnasts tuberculosis in the penal system was 375.7 per 100 thousand. It is almost 8 times higher than in the health care system. There are individual, the disease in which admission is in jail, in other words from their tuberculosis, brought from freedom. Tuberculosis also appear in people who are in places of imprisonment. Last year, in the very prisons revealed 262 human patients with tuberculosis. "
Because a significant portion of funds and assistance go to the Department of Execution of Punishment, to improve the situation in the jail.
For recent years Belarus by two-thirds updated park fluorography apparatus, said the director of the National Research Institute of Pulmonology and fiziyatryi Gennady Gurevich. Old film technology replaced by modern digital fluorography in Belarus. Their advantage is that the radiation dose is lower than the given old installation.

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