Now make out a complaint tribunal Zhaleznichenka

In a statement to the tribunal last honors student, Faculty of Mathematics and now conscript soldier Dmitry Zhaleznichenka noted that he was repeatedly expelled from the Institute for the Rector’s order January 22 — at the very time when he was on medication for high blood pressure.
Ground for re-allocations was punishment Dmitry September last year 8-day arrest for Tipo neprelichnuyu abuse, and a fine — on charges of disobeying police.
While not legally Zhaleznichenka was a student of the Institute, and is not subject to institute internal regulations, violation of which he re-certified.
Agenda about the current court session focused in train a military unit in Zhlobin where is expelled from the Institute honors student. But it’s unclear, let him military command for the tribunal to Gomel.
In another case, a lawsuit in court against the re-allocations of Dmitry Institute will support proxy mother Alla Zhaleznichenka through counsel Peter Borisov.

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