NRM concert in Grodno

Noon dismantled even for the past, the more expensive tickets for 25 thousand rubles. Regional Philharmonic Hall, where he performed the capital of rock musicians — One of the most huge in the town.
In soon musicians from the "NRM" it was easier to perform in Poland than in his homeland. Concert in Grodno — first for a couple of years, it is very expected. Lavon Volsky said Hall that "specifically with performances in Grodno at the festival" Rock-Krok "began a stellar career group." It came out 20 years ago: "NRM" then received the audience award, while it came specifically to the hall where the concert was held now.
After the concert I met 3 friends who confessed with ecstasy that were on the davneshnem "Rock-step" and now more satisfied with the level of the best music "NRM". Incidentally, these fans of rock music came to the concert with their babies, who were a head taller than their parents.
The group’s performance did without incident. True, at first in the hall one of the listeners learned white-red-white flag, but it made his way through the ranks of a police officer, youth hid flag.

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