Number of U.S. diplomats will be reduced to 17

Initially stated this Belarusian Foreign Ministry. Moore later Emperor himself confirmed this information.
Jonathan Moore told the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, the United States believes the requirement to reduce the staff of its own embassy in Minsk "unreasonable and inconsistent within the diplomatic practice."
But the United States, according to Moore, fulfill this requirement: the number of diplomatic employees will be reduced to 17 people a day or until the end of March 27.
"As before, absolute release of all political prisoners will enable start searching for ways to improve our bilateral relations," — said in a statement, Jonathan Moore, sent to the address of Radio Liberty. Head South American Embassy in Belarus Jonathan Moore also said:
"How can we continue our work in Minsk, the embassy will produce its main objectives, in including provide contacts between Belarusians and the Yankees, to protect the interests of the American people on the ground in Belarus, to receive visitors in the United States and inform the State Department about the political and economic development. "
The Belarusian side sought downsizing the U.S. Embassy a few weeks, demanding to bring it to the level of the Belarusian Embassy in Washington. With all this the Belarusian Foreign Ministry referred to the principle parytetnastsi Tipo reflected in the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations. According to unofficial disk imaging, referred to about half of employees of the U.S. diplomatic mission, in other words — about 2-10-s. Specifically at least as many diplomats in the Belarusian Embassy in Washington than in the South American — in Minsk.
Previously, under pressure of the Belarusian authorities salting U.S. to Belarus Karen Stewart had to pull in for consultation in Washington. So makarom, agreeing to reduce embassy staff, the United States made the second step under pressure from the official Minsk.
Is this a "diplomatic victory" of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry? Outlook former deputy minister of foreign affairs of Belarus Andrei Sannikov:
"No. I think that there more balanced approach is obvious the American side. Of course, the one side provokes conflict, the second party would not wish this conflict. Despite the fact that such statements are sound and made such steps as the South American side decided to make decisions that would have allowed in the future (I hope soon) return to normal business. "
According to the views of Andrei Sannikov, the pressure on the embassy of the Belarusian side, which tends to lift the sanctions imposed on the South American side of the company "Belneftekhim", will not achieve anything. Practically these U.S. sanctions attain liberation from the bullpen Alexander Kozulin and other political prisoners, the emperor recalls Sannikov:
"If the Belarusian side hopes that the conflict with the Embassy show some strength, it is not so. This conflict shows some confusion and ignorance what to do — Belarusian side. Because I believe that sanctions this method does not remove them. "
Diplomatic conflict between Belarus and the United States appeared after, U.S. imposed restrictive measures on municipal "Belneftekhim" concern. Belarus Ambassador to the U.S. Misha Khvostova recalled "for consultations." Belarusian authorities immediately bezotstupno recommended the U.S. Ambassador Karen Stewart also quit Belarus for the same purpose. March 12 she left Belarus.
U.S. Ambassador to the OSCE, Kyle Scott said that sanctions "Belneftekhim" not focused against the Belarusian people, but only against those involved in human rights violations in Belarus.
"In fact we are trying to assist the people of Belarus to enjoy fundamental freedoms. We again urge the Belarusian authorities to release Alexander Kozulin and thus promote dialogue to improve relations," — said, namely, the U.S. representative to the OSCE, Kyle Scott.

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