O.Gulak: The Tribunal does not wish to again be on the side of law

Now board the Supreme Economic Court discerned complaint Belarusian Helsinki Committee for condemnation of human rights defenders to the government and the Ministry of Finance. Complaint, as well as the former claim was rejected. Acting chairman of BHC Hulak so decision of the Board commented:
"The Supreme Economic Tribunal again unwilling to side with the law on the side need to implement international laws. By my views, this is generally a bad effect on the legal situation in the country and economic relations with zabugornom partners. "
This judicial history stretches from January 2004. Then the Belarusian Helsinki Committee ordered to pay tax on international technical assistance for the TACIS program there, which was not provided for an international agreement. When defenders refused, they were arrested at the expense of confiscated property, even brought criminal case on the control of the organization.
Four years human rights activists claimed that the acts of the authorities were not legitimate. Courts a couple of times inclined to the side of the BHC, but later again confirmed the decision of the municipal bodies.
In September last year Supreme Economic Court took into consideration another lawsuit BHC on This time the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Finance. Human rights activists have tried to collect money for their property taken for nonpayment of taxes. Allegedly, the blame for what the law is not adjusted for you — and therefore pay.
But the referee Catherine Karatkevich decided that the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Finance not to blame for the situation when the Belarusian legislation on international aid is not aligned with the government signed treaties. Now the same and confirmed the board, headed by the arbitrator Oksana Mikhnyuk.
"Once again, we will mourn, because we believe that the law is on our side," — said after the court recognized human rights activist Harry Pahanyajla.
As in the previous session, the Council of Ministers for consideration own representative complaints are not addressed. The representative of the Ministry of Finance Yuri Todryk expressed gratification decision of the board of the Supreme Economic Court. Tags: BHC, claim to, the Ministry of Finance, Gulak

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