O.Kozulina: Will become the main day prazdnichkom

Olga Kazulina:
"Celebrate March 25 Vl will together with our Belarusian people who became my dad his Belarusian, big family. ‘Cause we come to the area, together with all. Take with flags, streamers. For me, the first is the motto -" Freedom Kazulin! "March 25 I associate with only one — my dad’s arrest, which was put in jail for five and a half years. For me, this is my first father, who in this solemn day turned out exactly there. This will be a grand event, we will celebrate BNR day for 90 years. This must be peaceful demonstration, we will show that we, Belarusians, together on this solemn day. And that we are not indifferent to Russia, our history. "

"What do you personally day Will?"
Kozulin"Creating BNR was an exceptional event for our Belarusian identity. History is history remains. For me, this is just the future, a future for our children. A couple of years will be the day Will certainly prazdnichkom best, in the most basic our country. I’m sure we will live freely and it will be our will. So it was that specifically today Dad was arrested, that day Will day of birth BNR — all converged together. It means fate. And because I believe that everything will be fine. "

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