O.Trusov: Rumors about the disappearance of language greatly exaggerated

Tsigankov: According to the Constitution, the Belarusian language is a community in the Republic of Belarus. But is there even what real filling this status? Some they say that this provided something statehood, while others believe that the Belarusian language is on the verge of extinction …
BunniesRumors about the disappearance of the Belarusian language greatly exaggerated. We have the best situation than some European nations — for example, Scots, Irish, Bretons. We Belarusian language is understood by all the inhabitants of Belarus, including Belarusians.
If we change the political situation, the language will be municipal for a couple years in the full sense of the word. Pressure Belarusian language — is not so much the economic assumptions as political. Political situation will change — change finish Belarusian language on Russian oil and gas, and everything will be fine.
TsigankovBut let’s not still talk about the future, about the current state of the language …
Bunnies: Now there are very worthy of attention processes. Another 20 years reversing the Belarusian language media were villagers who kept this language the last few centuries. Currently dying village, its inhabitants have defected to "trasyanku", interspersed with Russian obscenities. Currently active native speakers — is the urban elite and youth. And it’s great because it specifically in the towns of the revolution taking place in towns changed political systems. Because let’s say "thank you" and the village will develop first language in Minsk and big cities.
"Tunes that political changes immediately to breathe life into the Belarusian language, it would be an early and unlikely"

Scoop: If we talk about the situation 20 years ago, at the moment she nezravnena best. Then the "advice" did not support the Belarusian language, even doing a lot, so it’s gone — and she disappeared.
At the moment, the authorities do not do anything to make her support from time to time even trying to kill her at all — I will not say that it is very trying, but make some effort. And, despite this, the language alive — at least, it does not lose position. And if we’ll see that thousands of young people in Minsk, the Belarusian language they say, it nezravnena more optimistic picture.
But I am far from being able to say with certainty that after the change of the political situation immediately after a few years the company has become Russian. I think it will take decades.
By the way, the opening of borders, the end of international isolation will lead to more active Belarusians will go to Europe, away. Adjusted to the fact that the political configuration immediately to breathe life into the Belarusian language so that it will fully prevalyavats in Belarus borders, it would be an early and unlikely.

"When we write letters to bureaucrats, we always quote the head of the country"

Many sincere supporters of the revival of the Belarusian language believe that at least segodnyaschy government does not contribute to the existence of the Belarusian language, and even faster to aggressive language. And to fight for a decent expansion and status of the language can only civilian society, not the municipal structures. But the BLS constantly writes letters to various municipalities. Oleg Trusov, how you relate to allegations that the government does not help the Belarusian language?
Bunnies: No need to make a monster out of the country, which is only dormant and sees, that all Belarusian eat. Government — is thousands of officials at various levels. And it is very different people. In each area, the situation is different. In one, when it comes to control, which itself has a language and a more or less educated, and there is more of Belarusian schools and advertising on the streets. On the contrary.
Tsigankov: In other words you think that there is a single installation?
Bunnies: None. Moreover, when we write letters to bureaucrats, we always quote the President, which read about how to save their native language. It is very effective. Not so long ago when he spoke at the journalism seems so these students were selected, but a woman comes and asks a question about the language, the student goes — and the question of protection of monuments. Realize how it fares in humans. And what about the language there are expressions that tomorrow will almost streamers hang of how language must adore.
Civilian society while strong when she finds a contact with the state. If you go to a contact, and their principles are, it is not collaboration, it is a dialogue.
TsigankovIf you have already started to quote Alexander Lukashenko, then I will give another very famous quote from 1994 that "the Belarusian language can not express anything majestic." Currently other words. Do you think that Lukashenka has changed how people changed if political event?
Bunnies: Dramatically changed the political situation, and he is very sensitive to it reacts. Led him in shock that the majority of young people on the tests selects the Belarusian language. And he said that poorly taught in Minsk Belarusian language should be taught better. Under the pressure of events on Lukashenko to the Belarusian language is changed.
"You always have to knock on every door"
TsigankovDmitry, how you relate to this problem — the government and the language? What can you do with the state and without the country?
ScoopWhat can be done without a country, then done. Published books, newspapers, magazines. Operate radio and television "Belsat".
Always have to knock on every door. And if you have so far not dropped his hands, when you have the strength to fight further — write in court, meet with bureaucrats, achieve Belarusian school garden. Certainly, it is necessary to defend the case with the state of their rights — the right to speak, hear and use in response to the Belarusian language. You should try to speak with authority, to seek their rights. It is hard, and often expects defeat — but there are victories.
Bunnies: I wish to add that you must be by example. It is necessary that people who consider themselves patriots, said in all situations in Belarusian. Then the situation will change. Here are some examples: a young man reached the customs declaration in Belarusian, the second in the army claimed the Belarusian language, third in court. Three people have moved hundreds of letters over the situation.

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