«OCTOPUS-SD» — the most powerful military complex for Airborne present at RAE 2013

ENGINEERING-industrial group «Concern» Tractor plants «will present the most powerful combat system of the Airborne Forces, known as the» Octopus-SD. «
Russian producer failed to cooperate higher mobility of light armored vehicles with languid arms the main tank — 125 mm smoothbore tank gun.
This was our reporter was told in the press service of «Concern» Tractor plants «.
At a special exhibition area IX the International exhibition of arms, military equipment and ammunition will be presented the main standards of military equipment manufactured ENGINEERING-industrial group:
125-mm self-propelled anti-tank gun (TEPS) 2S25 «OCTOPUS-SD»
The exhibition will showcase unique firing and driving ability of each standard, will also demonstrate the possibility of their application in a single battle management system: the interaction between themselves, get real-time intelligence, target designation and effective engagement of targets.
«OCTOPUS-SD» — self-propelled anti-tank gun 2S25 — armed with weapons similar tanks T-72 and T-80. In his own weight category (up to 20 m) TEPS «Octopus-SD» is the most powerful weapon in the world.
The machine can carry all types of Russian fire tank shells and guided missiles. It should be noted that most of zabugornyh analogues with the smallest caliber gun (up to 105 mm) do not have the ability to overcome aqua prepyadstvy afloat under its own power without preparatory training.
Currently, TEPS is a tracked armored combat Gators with a massive weapon system, which can perform marches without refueling at a distance of 500 km, aircraft transported military transport aircraft and landing craft, landing parachute and parachute techniques with the crew inside the machine.


Possessing the highest power density, the machine is able to conduct combat actions in the criteria of high mountains and hot tropical climate, without preparation water obstacles with waves up to 3 points with simultaneous firing afloat in the sector of ± 30 °, load its course in amphibious ships with water when doing combat missions.
TEPS has 2S25 tank firepower and mobility on land and water at the modernized BMD-4M.
These and other properties in totality radial turret rotation and stabilization of arms in 2-planes allow the use of «OCTOPUS-SD» as a light amphibious tank.
125-mm self-propelled anti-tank gun 2S25 together with BMD-4M and BTR-MDM desantiruemye expanded its line of military equipment manufactured special production facilities «Tractor plants» for the Navy.
Within the framework of public-private partnership «Tractor plants» are actively working to create samples promising weapons systems for Navy. Currently, management of the Defense Ministry and the Airborne Troops to decide whether to include development work on the modernization of the municipal TEPS 2S25 defense order.
Special production site «Tractor plants» for the production of this product — Volgograd engineering company «VgTZ» — started to develop design documentation for its modernization.
As part of modernization, not counting the unification with BMD-4M on the engine, chassis and box for «Octopus-SD» is planned to install the latest electronics. So, brand new self-propelled anti-tank gun will be equipped with modern digital fire control system with better sights, including thermal imaging, and software and hardware complex, providing work in a uniform system of tactical level.
Possible accomplices designated developmental work are Kurgan enterprise «Tractor plants» — OJSC «SKBM» and JSC «Kurganmashzavod», developer and manufacturer of BMD-4M, respectively.
Number relevant to the purchase of self-propelled anti-tank guns to be determined by the Ministry of Defence. Upgrading TEPS significantly increase its combat capability and firepower it compares with the T-90.

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