Of houses on Marx evicted only first floors

Earlier it was planned do in the process of reconstruction of the street pedestrian zone.
Chairman of the Committee of Architecture and Urban Mingorispolkom Viktor Nikitin said that urban life and activities of the people living on this street, came to a compromise. And specifically, the inhabitants will be relocated apartments located on the first floor. This unit, and citizens with pleasure agreed to move to other homes, said the bureaucrat.
Now press conference Chairman of the Committee of Architecture and Urban Mingorispolkom Viktor Nikitin acknowledged that the process of developing the reconstruction of Karl Marx Street pedestrian zone in the area from street to street Komsomolskaya Volodarskogo the first step does not account for people’s worldview. According to Nikitin, the development of such projects in the future will be considered as the current legislation and the interests of the inhabitants.
"Every effort will be the design of a pedestrian street towards the beautification of yard areas, the reconstruction of facades, reconstruction of the pedestrian street, to create a good social infrastructure on the ground floor and parking solutions."
Inhabitant of the house number 17 Dmitry Marchenko, active member of the group of people who came to the defense of their own homes, I am convinced that this decision due to the city authorities took charge of the country Alexander Lukashenko.
"Our requests and appeals have come to the right place. And it had a total of. I mean control of the country. First you need to say thanks to Alexander Lukashenko, because without it we as nothing came to be. This was not a political struggle, it was socio-economic issue. "
February 2 inhabitants of houses, which were offered to move, held a picket protest Marx Street. In the windows of apartments and courtyard they put posters and banner — "No — resettlement", "For the pedestrian street without predatory evictions." These consolidated actions and protest ended in favor of the decision of the people.
Dmitry Marchenko said:
"There is article 44 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, which states that the right to housing must be protected if it is not asking the public need. The situation took us by the fact that it has become more accessible to the mass of information. First, I can recommend specific bureaucrats it must first act right, to find a common language with people and then be no conflict. "
According to Marchenko, teams inhabitants continue to work, even scheduled a meeting with representatives of the City Committee of the architecture.
In Minsk Leninsky district administration refused to comment on the situation. Managing workshop "Minskproyekt" Misha Rybnikov said that the first step is meant to begin construction next year.
"Conflict slightly inflated from scratch. Fact that this kind of conflict is over, there was some awareness of what is happening, thank God."
Only the first floor inhabitants are obliged to leave their apartments, but only slightly. Sovereign Rybnikov said:
"There remains when one or two, they are already in the stage of renewal. They themselves converted from residential to nonresidential. Apparently planning to do some trading business. Came here not so long ago one of the lower floors, with one or 2-flats wishes do not yet know that, but wants something . "
Earlier, the government planned to resettle Minsk more than 80 apartments in the houses along the street and Volodarskogo Marx. After the reconstruction of the building planned to give to a hotel, casino and shopping center. Tags: street, Marx eviction Carlo

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