Oleg Gordienko Way Ivonka Survila — unusual for Belarusians

Such an extraordinary way the Belarusian Parliament President People’s Republic of caused extraordinary intrigued to her memories in the Belarusian diaspora researcher Oleg Gordienko. Their experiences to share with our students.
"If I am not mistaken, this is the first memoir control BNR. And this memoir Ivonka Survila very valuable: they allow you to look at the whole history of the Council since the late 40-ies of the last century up to the beginning of the first century 20.
In addition, Memoirs are valuable because Shimantsy family, which occurs Ivonka Survila unique. Belarusian emigrants usually 44 years old, who were sent to the West, the only stop on the way to the New World had Germany. Shimantsy visited Denmark, France, Ivonka Survila jointly with spouse Vanya Surviloy lived in Spain. This is the first memoir of Belarusian immigrants in Denmark and in postwar France.
I wish that a little more than was served deployed life in Spain in these memoirs. After all, it Franco was a period, a gradual transition from a dictatorship to a liberalization of society and the economy. I waited on the memoirs that will be affected by this period of life and Belarusians there, as they belonged to Franco. Well, maybe it will be in the following memoirs. "Tags: Gordienko, liberty, library, Survila road, memoirs

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