Olga Karach: I do not want to trade future

She was born and lives in Vitebsk. She graduated from high school with honors, and Vitebsk Municipal Institute reddish diploma. Was the only one in 24 is convening a Democratic member of the City Council. After his dismissal on political grounds 2004 from school number 27, where she taught British English, is engaged in public activities, journalism, writing poetry. Now Olga Karach bring listeners Freedom their arguments in favor of why Belarus should not build a nuclear power station.

"The possible site for the construction of 100 kilometers in a straight line from our town. And of course, the inhabitants of Vitebsk, Orsha and Mogilev is not ecstatic about such ideas. There are arguments against this construction.
First argument: as shown, Alexander Lukashenko very bad builder. Bridge in Vitebsk 2006 just fell off! In Krasnopolye collapsed roof. Totally disgusting house properties in agricultural settlements on nationwide. One and a half year reversed Head of State personally and opened with fanfare we supermadernovy clinic — at the moment there are already fallen plaster.
Then what will fall in 18 months in the Belarusian nuclear power plant?
Argument number two: the question of the Belarusian nuclear station communicates directly with the problem of Belarusian independence. In soon Alexander Lukashenko is trying to solve the economic problems through loans from the Russian Federation. And this is the problem — they also need to be repaid, and with interest. And if money is not enough, what else can not pay as sovereignty?
Argument number three. I I do not like that, Alexander Lukashenko says, what a pity that the first 1990 we have renounced nuclear weapons! And that was different, which would manifest in the west!
I will not discuss at this point on whether you can get a nuclear weapon using nuclear power, but I do not like the direction of thought. I consider it unsafe. Since nuclear weapon, and if it appears in Belarus, it be under intense public scrutiny of the public. But at the moment such control we have. And it is also risk for our future and the future of our kids.
And I do not want to trade in the future. "

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