Olga Karach: Not a bad policy reminds me good literature

She was born and lives in Vitebsk. She graduated from high school with honors, and Vitebsk Municipal Institute reddish diploma. Was the only one in 24 is convening a Democratic member of the City Council. After his dismissal on political grounds 2004 from school number 27, where she taught British English, is engaged in public activities, journalism, writing poetry. Now Olga Karach — last school scholar — shares with listeners Liberty his arguments that connects voedinyzhdy literature with political activity.
Karach: "And the political campaign and not a bad literary work required to have a certain idea. As there is of it — and then there is of success. Much impact on the hearts and souls of people.
Not a bad political campaign and a decent literary work should excite hearts and minds of people. If shock and progress is not visible, no politics, no literature.
Any item in the first, and in the 2nd case is bound to have some merit. How raspachynaenm any political campaign, for example, for the return of benefits for the population, it is stupid to begin with a single application, and the other to finish. Need to know immediately what we want to get the result.
A I think, from time to time people who are planning to Belarus political campaigns, specifically about the times forget it. Outcome may be different, but it should be planned from the beginning.
And in the literature, and politics should stand very definite problem that people are trying to solve. Should be intrigue to intrigue her people. Then the product becomes good, which attracts the attention of many. If a political campaign is not enough mass, you can not wait and of success. Also NO success, the book is not passed from hand to hand.
Why do I think about it?
Here I am a philologist, a teacher. 5 years studied — he studied real literature, and at the moment he specifically literary experience formed the basis of planning and carrying out political activities of our group. And specifically, it provides success team. "

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