Olga Karach: When there is a war — not coming

"For me, Belarus — a country that until This time did not return from the war. Let’s hear what songs they sing at the table on prazdnichkom our people — the military. Looking war movies on TV. Use military slang in municipal media …
Range of enemies — we live as in war. And there you are either with us or you are against us, in the center — does not happen. As against, then you need to kill mentally, strangle, you need to endlessly beat!
And in a peaceful society, people think about how to make so that citizens with different interests have lived and lived peacefully.
For me has always beenfascinating question of why Belarusian side to This time, 60 years later, has not ratified the Agreement on the Conservation of the hostile army soldier. At first glance it seems that this is nothing special — just kind of stupidity Belarusian management.
But Actually still worse if people do not think about the dead. If the principal, as a fighter were killed yesterday.
When it comes to peace and time to think about the losses, and to think that after all we’ve done, and to think, how to live on? How to build together a common future?
When there is a war — not coming.
Look at the condition of our cemeteries. Ordinary, not even soldiers since the 2nd World … Cemetery in Belarus and in the same Germany? Yavna difference. Since in Germany the world and in our society — the war.
The war is in their heads.
And I work for, so no matter what all the people of Belarus took off his greatcoat and eventually returned home. A place where they have been waiting for. Building a peaceful life and a future together. "

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