On the one hand, the moral high ground on the side of the U.S. ..

Reporter: "Who povinet deterioration in Belarus-US relations?"
Guy: "I think the South American side povinet no less than ours. Indeed, they bend the imperialist policy of trying to impose their worldview and unwilling to engage in dialogue. Even with our state, not very prestigious. "
Lady: "I believe that povinet naturally president. After all, his behavior is not adequate. And in this case I think that the same situation. Something impacted — some event, some foundation appeared — and as a result such an inadequate response. "
Man: "The position of such authorities. Mode, not the regime, but throws in different directions. From here you can and conclusions. "
Youth"Definitely can not speak as to one side the moral high ground on the U.S. side. This is their response that Kozulin imprisoned and do not want to let go. On the other hand the United States violated international law, because connect politics and economics. In legal terms, a huge Belarusian Foreign Ministry. "
Reporter: "Who povinet deterioration in Belarus-US relations?"
Man: "Who povinet? I think the governments of both countries. Just need to sit down at the negotiating table and try to find a compromise. More I do not know what to say. "
Lady: "deteriorating business. Likewise hear that Lukashenko driving on America. Father always blames America. Already it seems not it time we elect a new president may have could be better? "
Man: "Blame our part. In any case, the fact what’s happening, is not beneficial to our management. And what sanctions were imposed, they introduced not for all states, especially in such areas as oil. "Because sad that our management can not find a common language with such big countries like the United States."

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