On this earth walking holiday as Scarecrow, they …

"Free Belarus" in 1918, reports on the early editions of newspapers in Minsk "Belarusian Land": "Must See generally, the Belarusians neem needs special edition of the newspaper on the Russian prophesy. Meystsovaya Any newspaper willingly give place to all articles znaemyachy extensive with Belarusian citizenship movement. separate edition of Great newspapers — is an unnecessary waste of resources. nidobra and select bread in children and throw it to the dogs … "
"Russian Belarus" in 1928 writes about public policy in Belarus: "Publishing Beldyarzhvydavetstva plans designed to ensure each nationality literature in their native language. C 17 newspapers published in Byelorussia — 53 percent. Exposure Belarusian language, 23 percent. — In Russia, 12 percent. — The Hebrew and about 7 percent. — In Polish. Newspaper is also published in the Lithuanian language. In an old Russian landowner did not have any Latvian or Lithuanian school. In the current time in all the places where Latvians and Lithuanians live small-sized masses, open national schools. "
"Lim" in 1938 prints poem Misha Kalachinsky:
"On this earth holiday
Walking like a scarecrow, they;
Swore not to change three times …
Oh, the dark ghosts of war!
Look in anger, homeland,
Picking up on the blade for years —
Our bitter strangled them …
Be fatal, bark, destruction!
They cooked us asthma,
Tubes hidden poison.
Lord sunk! Basta!
People wrote for you to own sentence.
All of you, and the "Left" and Right
On the Ground bolshevitskay erase
People our execution —
Shooting! "

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