One hundred percent is not dangerous for them I just dead

"Star" in 1938 by typing it A.Vyshynskaga USSR Prosecutor: "All our country, from the least to an old, expects and asks 1st: traitors and spies, enemy Pradaval our homeland, shoot as nasty dogs! Asks our people: giving away damned vermin! Time will pass. Graves hated traitors overgrown with weeds and thistles covered endless prezrennem sovetskogo conscientious people sovetskogo all people. "
"Lim" in 1948 year in an editorial titled "Raise the level of criticism," notes: "Our critics almost led the fight against formalism. Moreover, the manifestations of formalism we find in the works of the critics themselves. To justify anti-popular theory that the masses can not grasp a difficult piece of music , some critics, musicologists in their own articles as "explained" the product of the masses that this explanation was even more confusing than the work itself. "
"Narodnaya Volya", year 1998. Newspaper interview retells A.Pupeyki Polish newspaper "Zycie": "According to the businessman, he understood where the money Lukashenko proceeds from illegal economic activities … Total, according Pupeyko," Lukashenko on frozen accounts are about the amount of several hundred million bucks "… Owning this information, according to the businessman, is the main reason that the Belarusian authorities to pursue it." Absolutely not dangerous for them I just dead, "- says A.Pupeyka."

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