Opposition will fight for the new Electoral Code

After the discussion, decided to plan the work for six months — particularly for the time that the European Union gave the Belarusian authorities. First goal of the opposition is following — the struggle for the revision of the electoral law.

Viktor KornienkoCoordinator of the campaign "For free and fair elections" Viktor Kornienko states after last meeting foreign ministers Affairs of the European Union opposition necessary than ever balanced approach to their plans:
"In general, four Fri must now joining us voedinyzhdy. 1st — configuration in the electoral law. 2nd — cancellation of articles of the Criminal Code, which allow political persecution. Third — a certain democratization of the media. And fourth — liberalization and registration non-governmental organizations. These are items that after 6 months, with our viewpoint, Belarusian authorities should perform to dialogue lasted. After the dialogue — this does not mean that the opposition took, and authorities in Europe — and lead the discussion. "

Anatoly LebedkoAnatoly Lebedko — Joint civilian favorite games which is presently presides over the SLM — says that the change of the electoral legislation looks very principled. To this case UDF wants to attract former candidates:
"Then you need to consult with the candidates themselves for the ability to collecting signatures. So you need to build a strong pressure on the authorities to still change the Electoral Code. Failure to do both inside and outside, we again arrive at the presidential campaign in order to get back only confirm its undemocratic. And do not fight for victory. "
Before collecting signatures to change the electoral law, united democratic forces planned to hold an information campaign in the midst of rich voters. They want to have joined this work most of the former candidates. Voters will suffer two appeals: general — from the UDF and the second — from the candidates on certain constituencies.

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