Or close to the reality of the goal — a million signatures?

How to really gather a number of signatures? Thought it would happen to cause significant differences in the ranks of the opposition? Questions Vitaly Tsygankova responsible journalist Alexander Klaskouski

Tsigankov: "How appropriate and timely this company? Will this help collect signatures for the democratic forces, whether the company mobilize society?
Klaskouski: "Certainly, the European idea worth" PR. "But do not think that this is the company will make a revolution in the minds of some Belarusians, because mind — a thing quite inert. Sociological studies show that now prevails in the Belarusian society is not the European idea and thought izalyatsyyanalizmu.
Well, in the end, of course, that the authorities will prevent — they interfere with the company at least some kind. For this reason, also because of the limited communication abilities, I think that a lot of effect, the company will not have "
Tsigankov: "Youth activists said they were joining the work of civilian initiative" European Belarus. "But hardly all members of the United Democratic Forces will support this business? Would not it may happen that the opposition will go different ways — even if the same goal?"

Klaskouski: Indeed, there is a risk that added another factor rastsyarushvannya opposition forces. Since — has lovely slogans, but there are pragmatic goals. Obviously, the Communists — not the players on the field of the European idea, and someone is not against such makarom little squeeze with fellow colleagues Kalyakina side. And someone has just pragmatic intention kanversavats European slogans resources.
Again I wish to emphasize that European values in the minds of Belarusians worth promoting, but do it without excessive pathos, technologically. And do not think that one company be a panacea. "
Tsigankov: "In the current criteria as feasible to collect a million signatures? If you recall history, these records have not been."
Klaskouski: "Indeed, if we analyze these companies, they would never reach on their own arithmetic purposes. And now the power to counter the power structures, the vertical of power even greater than it was in the best times for the opposition."

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