Or lures young police work?

In Last year Paul graduated from the prestigious international relations faculty of Belarusian State University. Recalls how before final exams received a letter from the police to the proposal to go to them to work. Promised decent wages and benefits. But Paul did not even consider this proposal:
"I do not come. During 1-x, never wanted to work in the police. Vo-2, then I have found a permanent job, which did not want to change. Thirdly = I do not think that the police do not have enough employees. I think — plenty of them. "
Advertisements calling in the police work hanging at the moment and in the Minsk subway cars. Basic earnings that entice future policemen — 800 thousand rubles. Several requirements: higher or secondary special education, military service, age 25 years. What explains such a recruitment campaign to the police?
Managing the press service of the Ministry of Interior Oleg Slepchenko denied speculation that the police state is expanding. According to Oleg Slepchenko, the number of police officers — on the contrary — Planning is reduced because and adjust staffing approaches. "We want to offer jobs anyhow anyone, and spices, we collect the best of the best," — explained Oleg Slepchenko.
I leave the recorder on Independence Avenue to ask the young passers, like they took the suggestion of the police work for 400 bucks a month?
Young Man: "Maybe it would have gone in what village precinct. Procedure would have brought, and then drink a lot but walk. And their pension is canceled".
2nd boy: "No, I would not want to serve in the militia, and all. I do not like this work. Maybe they’re good, but I do not like."
Young employee personal company: "No, I would not agree. During 1-x, my earnings significantly greater. And in-2, I would not go to any work related to service the current regime."
Young Man: "Yes, would agree. Do not know why — just agree. A $ 400 — conventional means."
A guy 30 years old: "I used to have such a good answer if you do not want to work — go to the police. No, it’s not for me, although about funds offer presentable. "
Student: "No. I think it is zapatrabavalnaya work. Well, I do not like this structure. I had contact with her staff. I think there are those who are bullied as a child, and now they are compensating for the other."
Second student: "I do not. And later, at this point in our country 400 bucks — and not such huge sums. Better to get a higher education and go on to a more severe job. "

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