Or reconcile Kupalovsky tract Minsk and Minsk?

At the end of last year recognizable designer Vladimir Popruga left to the Minsk City Executive Committee in Minsk other regeneration plan, work on which he dedicated over 5 years. The result of archival research and practical research has become substantial work over which usually sweat the whole project universities. Roots:

"The decision on the restructuring of the post-war Minsk to" perfect the socialist city "not only sentenced to destroy all the things that this city — older Berlin and Moscow, Warsaw and Vilnius — lived in for 9 centuries. Thus the destruction of the entire spectrum of the categories listed by the Municipal list of historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus — from buildings and structures to the historic plyanirovachnay structure of the landscape and the cultural layer. And without there even any formal scientific research and fixing …
So called Russian post-war reconstruction of reality was obvious liquidation entire array of historical and cultural heritage of the capital of Belarus, which, in fact, was quite complete ideological imperial Russian aaplet against incorporated in 1795 after the land today’s Belarus, almost three centuries after the actual permanent war.

I think that this is the task and the main concern, because urban problems which gave rise to the post-war reorganization, now require urgent solutions, even without the presence of the center "city of the sun" and chopped rasshkamutanaga Herostratus Vandals and his millennial historical heart.

"Sun City": that on the sunny side, and that in the shadows?
Minsk imposed colonial model of development has led to an artificial confrontation where Russian Minsk can not coexist with historic Minsk. This leads to the destruction of the latter.
Coupled with the fact this scheme so illogical, that attempts to solve the chaotic pavsvyadomyh related prepyadstviya even so called "Russian" postwar complexes steadily losing its authenticity and high quality properties.
Meanwhile, strict adherence to applicable laws and regulatory frameworks, methodological requirements — in itself a reliable guarantee against possible errors.
Maximum illogical and destructive process of "reconstruction, restoration and development of the" historical center of Minsk, in the form in which it is held, has evolved to the point where the methodology and the law is simply cynically ignored.
All activities related to the appeal with the historical and cultural value of the first (highest) category state has long bred abroad legal field current stakeholders.
But for this sin will certainly respond — after 1992 legal provision differs significantly from the Russian era, and responsibility no longer rests on the machine "Kremlin comrades."
As in any other crime, a lot of effort by the colonial administration was put on rubbing its tracks. I think that for this reason, and to this day Minsk has no historical and architectural support program. A couple of years we have been devoted only to search for and processing of historical materials to at least create the least amount of candidacy.
Natural circular pattern was artificially town destroyed during the post-war reconstruction, the other has not been created. Classic plyanirovachnyya axis along the historic town goradafarmuyuchyh directions were amputated together with historical plyanirovachnay structure of the historic center, where all the millennial heritage plyanirovachnay scheme was replaced by a single "main" crossroads, which cut the classic space-functional communication. But the results of the intervention in the historic structure plyanirovachnuyu were diametrically opposite: 97-98% of the total traffic, which overlaps vysheypamyanenyya postwar plyanirovachnyya axis now — it’s an obvious transit that neither historical nor to the city center has nothing to do.
"North-South": the strategic vector
Neasensavanasts urban policy, inertia carried out a day or before — politicians, formed in an entirely different, based on the belief legislation era — nivelyue overcome all the trials identified contradictions lead to groundless haphazardly spraying resource base, if the funds devoted to the reconstruction of the historic addressable Minsk city center investuyutstsa in his forthcoming serial extermination.
Either way, Minsk Russian has no coming without an old Minsk and offered by us, together with others, Kupalovsky path not only gives you the opportunity to revive and harmoniously without conflict the most important thing in Minsk historical — plyanirovachnuyu its historic structure. Our offers are combined into a coherent workable scheme implemented in the Russian era, but fundamentally incapable of logic circuits pieces plyanirovachnay postwar urban diameter north — south. Kupalovsky tract — it is very significant, but the whole piece on the development of project proposals plyanirovachnaga core capital. Incorporated in the project proposals allow small price infrastructural additions, respectively, small monetary investment to redeploy existing traffic flows to meet modern needs plyanirovachnaga core capital and urban realities of postwar planning. "Roots

Kupalovsky tract Vladimir belt. While on paper Girth:
"Kupalovsky path — this is the only candidate that could to reconcile the irreconcilable on this day in the north-south direction.
We want to offer to transfer to the transit transport corridor, which will be able to ensure that transit and outside the historical center, on Yanka Kupala Street, with its forthcoming padvodkay transport interchange in the streets of Orange. But this corridor will also connect ready and very valuable (in dollar terms) infrastructure elements already built, you want to load. We proposed two connected pieces: Kupalovsky northern path, which connects the former line from the Park postwar streets with Melnikaite Troiza with already planned puncture under the street Bogdanovich (comes in all official events planned against the historical center).
On the other hand, in the south we have a modern plant area Kirov, who one way or another will be imposed. After all, this is truly a precious urban planning area, which should be included in the most exclusive. There you go out to build a new "Business Forum". With the metro and within walking distance of the historic center, you can construct a typical "Manhattan" on the peninsula Svislochi where previously Koshary directly to the metro station "proletarian."
"Kupalovsky path": opponents in the ethereal silence
"You have to decide this problem of a north — south. And what about the others?" Girth:
"Kupalovsky tract — is the missing link that is not enough to enable fully withdraw all transport from the historical center across north — south. And across the west — east to unload Nyamiha proposed the so-called inner ring, closed structure of the 1st Ring system and congresses, which connects it with the 2nd Ring Road and beyond, with the departure to Moscow Borisov-east direction, and not just outside the historic center, and on the borderland plyanirovachnaga core campus. reading In another part of similar proposals and is in the development of the institute "Minskgrado." It seems to me that the proposals related to our project, the problem of more intelligently decide. And this is connected not only with the proposed structure of the closed world of the 1st Ring Road, but first with the whole concept of unloading and historical center and core plyanirovachnaga Minsk as a whole on a north — south and east — west. Eventually, offered a reliable understu
dy today Independence Avenue, whose functions are delegated Nemige constantly. "
"With all lyagichnastsi proposals — either already expressed what relation to another plan regeneration Minsk city executive committee, where you sent the draft?" Girth:
Roots: "It remains to add that Vladimir has Papruga luggage knowledge, clusters in the process of training in Rome, Venice, professor of practical activities in Poland. Some time he worked as basic municipal inspector of protection of historical and cultural heritage of Minsk city executive committee, where directly faced with indifference control of the town and officials are not what to observe historical memory, but just doing their own service obligations. than once he tried to convey to the control of the town, and later presidential administration information on violations of the appeal with the historical and cultural values that lead to the destruction of historical monuments. Unfortunately, then his voice heard and was not. Well, now listen to the real deal bureaucrats do not hurry. "

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