Ordinary people they say that they became worse …

Lady: "Naturally, we have benefited from personal business and I loved it. I heard that they have had difficulties and I think, it is not for the benefit of us all. It my world and I for Single entrepreneurs can operate freely. "
Young Man: "I do not know, I do not local."
Man: "I used the services business, although earlier and he was also the personal business and I it is very liked. At the moment of their task, but as they say ordinary people become worse for them, since there is no choice and prices rose. "
Woman: "And I soon markets in general do not get, because the town has changed the traffic. "
Lady: "I used the services of small business, except from time to time in the market buying something. But I hold that, so that people can live better, so that was their job stability, that they were convinced of their own future. "
Lady: "On me it has no effect. However, in January the market "Crown" strongly enough stalls worked, but at the moment felt a change. "
Man: "It is better, so it was, as before, but not these Chupa. People worked, they were all debugged."
His wife: "Indeed, the people have worked and paid taxes on it was all fine. And at the moment that changed? Fines huge steel, rents increased and prices rose accordingly, and the choice fell.’s All."

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