Organizers of the rally in friendly summoned to police

Administrative report was drawn up on the 1st of the protesters Sergei Obrazovskogo that was arrested during the campaign. Activists say they have repeatedly appealed to the authorities Pukhavichy district statements on the meeting, but did not receive a positive response ever.

About 500 inhabitants amicably, came to the rally, opposed the construction of chemical manufacturing companies, which plans to build a Russian private company "Bel-August." It is planned that the plant will be carried out 18 kinds of pesticides — chemical means for selgasvytvorchastsi. Inhabitants in favor of holding a local referendum on the need to build enterprise in close proximity to the houses, the execution of the honey-independent, environmental and legal expertise. For the organization of work-independent professionals they begin fundraising.
Several 10-s participants of the unauthorized rally denounced urban streets multimeter cross and set it in place of probable construction of the plant as a symbol of their own protest. Activists public active group against the construction of a chemical plant appealed to Russian local authorities with the latest bid to hold another meeting on March 29, but they have not received a response.

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