Orsha: Toilet in front of the monument Korotkevich

As said Chairman Orsha city of the BPF Ales Shutov, urban residents this project has caused outrage. Protest against construction of toilets expressed museum staff Vladimir Korotkevich, as the public campus. Under the appeals to the chairman of the City Council and chairman Vitaly Sivakova executive committee Nikolai Lisowski already subscribed more orshantsev weave, which require the construction of transfer to another location.
Aels Shutov states that collecting signatures under protest letters lasts, because virtually every inhabitant knows Orsha own famous countryman and construction of a public restroom in front of the monument to Vladimir Korotkevich people consider blasphemy.
Monument to the writer was erected in 1992 near the spot where stood the hut KOROTKEVICH family. Bring tourists here, lead students on excursions. Around the monument or not year-round flowers are alive and on the anniversary of the writer there are readings.
According to some urban residents, who called the city council and expressed outrage at the clumsy construction, the city authorities are considering the possibility of moving the monument to another location. Complete the construction of the toilet shall be removed until the bureaucrats: they say that this project has already invested a certain amount of funds spent on today’s "Dozhinki."

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