Osa town streets lights illuminate the intellectual

The implementation of the lighting system is more like astronomical experiments. Only instead of the luminaries of the textbooks are LED lights. For six weeks in 1037 appeared Ose modern fixtures.

Vasily Dvoeglazov, Osa town resident: "It is much better to become. It gets dark early — the important thing is that they work now! "

The company "Permenergosbyt" replaced the old, energy-consuming lamps, and the contractor developed software. This small control room can monitor the voltage, to see the counters and even disable the entire street. However, the economic effect in 66% yield primarily LEDs.

Sergei Shcherbakov, head of the contractor, says: "Power consumption 80 watts, saving about three times. Payback system that implemented in Osa — 3 years. "

This work — a part of the program "Energy saving and energy efficiency", which is calculated in the Kama 2020. 
Alexander Fenev, Minister of Energy and Utilities Perm region, says: "This allows an increase in the quality of lower costs for both electricity consumption, and the second — to reduce the cost of maintaining these systems, as they are morally outdated. "

New lights not only provide savings — increased radius of coverage, so much so that in the darkness, we easily spotted a black cat.

Osinski power, of course, the cats in the dark does not intend to seek, their task — to reduce accidents, crime and injury in the winter.

"Replaced in Ose about 70 percent of the light, the work is not yet finished. Plans for the next few years and replaced in Ose, and in rural areas, "- said Gennady Khudorozhkov, the first deputy head of the Osa urban settlement.

The effect should be felt not only by residents of Wasps, but the city's budget — both due to the economy, and because of the pay-as payback.

"The more of these projects, the more confidence and a rise in other areas, which now has every opportunity to replace street lighting to more energy-efficient, because Change itself is essentially no initial investment at the expense of future savings, "- said Mark Starzhinskiy, Deputy. General Director of "Permenergosbit."

Today, such an application is served and other cities in the region. Relevance of the autumn growing every day — with a decrease in the light of the day.

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